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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Check In


Had a follow up with my doc. yesterday.  He's happy with my progress so far.  He'll get my final lab results back today sometime, optimistically waiting for the call.

  • I believe this will be a "button" post.  I'll be home all day because it is very cold outside today.  It's "face hurt" cold.  I don't go out in this.  So, I'll be sharing thoughts.  
  • Commenting on facebook...a lot of times people seem eager to get on their soapboxes and share their beliefs/knowledge/trivia, etc. with any and all.  And if a person dares to disagree, The War of Words is on.  There will be a bunch of name calling, and foul language, and cyber chest much as it says about the mental state of our country, I do find them enjoyable to follow along.  
  • Finding your favorite hairdresser after 7 years?  Priceless!  I haven't had a decent haircut since she went missing, found her yesterday...Hooray!
  • Heard from the doc, my levels are good, no permanent harm done.  That's a relief!
  • I have two times of the day I like to venture out of my home.  10:00 am, all the mom's have dropped their kids at their various schools, done their grocery shopping in their jammie pants and pillow hair, and have gotten back home in time for an afternoon of laundry and catching up on picking up on the place so it looks somewhat presentable until they have to get out again to gather their children.  (I am not judging, I've been there and done that.)  The other time is 1:00 pm.  All the worker bees have had their lunches, ran their errands so they don't have to stop on the way home, and are heading back to their hives to grind out the last 1/2 of the day.  

I skyped with my girls for over an hour yesterday morning.  That was fun, Lots of laughs and giggles and silly stuff.  I miss them like crazy.

Today is the first day I am going to venture out of my house since I got sick.  I am off all prescribed pain meds, and ready to get started on this new healthy lifestyle.  I have to run a few errands, a couple grocery stores is all, I need to bring some fresh produce in this house.  I mentioned I got a juicer, that's going to be my main source of intake for a while.  I'm really liking the "clean" feeling I get after having a big glass of fresh juice.
And contrary to what I see seems to be popular belief, the cleaning up afterwards takes about 5 mins. total.   It isn't a total "pain" that I've read in some of the reviews.  There are no pots or pans to wash, I don't see how that is harder than cleaning up after a full "traditional" meal.


I just listed a couple of cutie Critters, suitable for Valentine gift giving:


This critter is double the size of my original flying pig.  8.5" tall, 45" long, wingspan, 9"
I made this one in merino wool felt, so it's what I feel is "so special."  

Red Goat

Perfect for the "old goat" in your life.
Admit it, we all have one in our lives, why not embrace it?

It's almost 1:00, I better gather up my stuff and get moving. 

Any plans for the weekend?  We're going out for dinner tomorrow night, my favorite, All You Can Eat Shrimp.  Nom Nom Nom.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

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