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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

I have been so very absent, but I've been busy, mostly happy, productive, and changing things around a little bit.

I resigned from my job at the Pro-Shop.  Membership is so dwindled, I'm not getting much business, not enough to even pay my paltry salary, so, I'll miss seeing my boys, it was great fun and I'll miss all of them, not like I'll never see them again.  I live in a small town, people run into each other in a small town, y'know.

 Janet/Dammit and I have been talking and planning and brainstorming since February about opening a professional pet grooming salon.  She and her husband found a super quaint building on the main street of a small town, about 20 mins from my house to there.  We opened on May 12th, 2015.  (That was yesterday.)

Janet's husband is a Master Carpenter, he did so much work, her son, Robert, is our bather, he'll do pretty much anything he's asked to do.  We're doing this on a shoestring budget, but we are doing it.

Our first customer had done a super cool favor for Janet's family, so his dog, Sadie, was the first to come to our shop.  She was a sweet little terrier mix, good dog.

The next dog was one of Mr. Dammit's co-workers.  He brought in a spunky Lhasa mix named Jack for a shave and a bath.  Stinky pooch, but so sweet, once he got the hang of it, but barked and barked and barked and barked and barked and barked and barked...and barked.  The dentist next door that is only there on Tuesdays proclaimed that he loved dogs.  I wonder if he was being sarcastic.  I didn't see him saying it, so not sure.

Jack Before

Jack After.  That's Dammit Janet, btw.  

So, anyway.  We will have internet service at "our" groom shop on Wednesday.  No clients today, but we do have a solid 4, maybe 7 dogs for tomorrow.

The local paper is doing a feature article about us, it comes out this Friday, I am so excited.  Their office is just across the street, we went over to see about placing an ad, and next thing we knew we were being interviewed.  She came over and took pics on Monday.  Such a small town, that a groom shop is newsworthy.  We had a lot of fun doing it.

Now, when you think of me, don't think about a golf course, think about this:

Ignore the orange things, I don't know what they are.

That will be me behind the window.  A few Critters will be displayed on that shelf above the flowers (left facing) and there's another shelf along that left wall.  Also a Gecko tank and my fish tank will be above it.  

I picked the color for the lobby.  I love that color so much, it is so soothing, don'tcha think?  

Come see us if you are in the neighborhood sometime.  Might be a nice trip for a Pambler and her Pooch to come visit and stuff.  *hint hint*

Play Nice!  xxoo


  1. Would that I could Cindy! You're so very brave to start all over again! I hope your endevor goes gangbusters! Nice to see that you are doing something that I know you're going to careful handling any dogs (big) dogs wouldn't want to fall back on your tail bone putting on in the crate like my TQ did...that happened about 5 years ago and she is just now (after slipping a disc) getting shots in her back...painful. She can barely groom dogs anymore but she loves it so much...just be careful! Good luck although I don't think you'll need it....your a go getter and Janet/Dammit is an amazing groomer!

    1. Sorry so late in responding, busy busy busy these days. The longest thing I have ever done, so far, has been Dani, Gator, and Sweetheart. The PS was going nowhere, and we're doing pretty good in our new shop. Very encouraged. xxoo