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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Big News! Finally!

THE BIG NEWS - I can officially share with you that my Germany family will be coming home in July, and they will be stationed at an AFB  that is one hour away.  1 hour!  We have been hoping and praying, for this...I've been hoping and praying for this since they left for Germany 3 years ago.

That's just too long to keep a mommy/grandma away from her daughter/granddaughter!

I am not ashamed to say that I let myself stay in bed until 3:00 pm today.  I woke up, changed positions, dozed back off...I figure if I can sleep that long that's just that much more healing I will be doing.  I did mess up by not taking a couple Tylenol when I woke up the first time, 'cos I took a couple when I got up for real, and it took awhile to ease the pain.

Worried my daughter, but hopefully not too much.  She worries about me all the time.

I read an article today about sleeping, it said that sleeping too much is a sign of loneliness.  I have a couple of girlfriends, Dammit Janet, my sister and her daughter...but they just aren't my girl.  We have been best friends since the day she left for college.  To be able to spend time with her and Delightful Delilah, I can't even put into words the emotions I am feeling.  Love should cover it.

Sweetheart has a dentist appt. tomorrow morning, so I'll be going with him.  Grocery store after.

Even though I slept so long, I'm going to go to bed a bit earlier than I have been lately, my sleep patterns are way off kilter.  I have a feeling that getting into a new normal is going to be easier to do, now that I know when to expect them.

Thinking out loud...

Guess I better hit the feathers.  See y'all tomorrow.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, January 30, 2017

This Ache in my Back

Honestly, I am so over this pain.  I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep for a few days now.  Very fitful, tossing and turning trying to get comfy...I'm feeling a little cranky this morning.

I've had a coffee, and working on a bottle of water...I'm just tired of this ache!

Street Sweeper just went by...we have some pretty clean streets 'round here.

I have a window open in my bedroom.  The pooches have been outside most of the day.  Laundry is doing it's thing, and I'm doing things here and there.

61 degrees?  Wow!

I haven't forgotten the wonderful news that I have to share, I just haven't gotten clearance to do so.  Yet.

Gonna give up the muslin stuff for a bit.  Pretty time consuming for little satisfaction.

Waiting to chat with my girls in Germany.  A very bright spot at the end of a very mundane day.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Great News!

But I still can't tell anyone yet.  Well, I told Sweetheart and Young Son, but can't tell anyone else...yet.  I can tell  you that it is good news of the epic kind!

I'm watching a Mary Tyler Moore mini-marathon on Me-TV.  Haven't stitched all weekend, and feel ok about that.  Sometimes you gotta take a break.  Wow, Henry Winkler just showed up as Rhoda's date!  That was a rare treat!

We're cooking up some Chicken Legs in the air-fryer for dinner tonight!  I am so hungry just thinking about it!


The chicken legs were great!  Yummy and not greasy at all!  Clean up was quick and easy.

Ready to start a new week.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lazy Lazy Day

Young Son had a couple of his friends over last night, and invited Sweetheart and I to join them downstairs for pool, cards and laughs.  I absolutely love that he enjoys our company so much!

I didn't have to go to the Pro Shop today, only one guy showed up to play cards, so he and Sweetheart played a game of Spite and Malice, drank a pot of coffee, then they were done for the day.  

My "wifey" friend, Dammit Janet, and I are going to Hobby Lobby on Monday.  She is a wonderfully talented pet groomer that opened a shop in a small town near here in May 2015.  The shop is doing great, and I'm so happy for her.  

We got some Brisket yesterday from a sweet little, tiny little shop called Rae Rae's.  Wow.  Really great place, and it smells so good inside!  

Just took my last Tylenol 3.  I am much better...and I'm thankful I didn't get any stronger pain relief.  I am fine.  I also diffused a few blends with Panaway, as well as using it neat on the site of the source of my pain.  


Would you just take a look of what the weather guessers are trying to ramp us up about now?  This is their "model" for what they guess the weather will be like NeXt WeEkEnD!  I am not going to stress about this, nope, not at all.  

Come on...

So, it is Saturday night.  Could be Wednesday.  The days and nights are just one endless loop.  Pretty cool how that works, huh?

Oh, regarding those two secrets I kinda told you about a little bit secret had a "relieved"ending and isn't worth mentioning reallly.  The other, I should learn about in the next few days.  If you have any thoughts of me, please think positive thoughts. 


I am just a few moments away from telling you all to have a good night.  I am a pretty tired unit.  See y'all tomorrow. 
Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, January 27, 2017

Medical Problems

Tried to get in to see a doc tomorrow, to see if I could get some stronger pain meds.  Nope.  Looks like I'll be toughing this out.  I can do that.  I have 6 more Tylenol 3s left.

The pain is a little bit easier today.  I slept with the heating pad, and luckily my internal alarm clock woke me at 3:51 am, so I could take another pill at 4 am.

Sweetheart is covering the Pro Shop for me today.

During the paperwork at the ER yesterday...of course, Sweetheart is my "in case of emergency" person.  The nurse asked, "What is your relationship?"  His answer, "We're friends."  I guess that's ok, I mean, at least he didn't say, "we tolerate each other's existence."  Or, "we share living quarters."

I quickly corrected him, told her we were sweethearts.  I mean, after 16 years, and still not being married, I think that's a good way to describe it.  I could have said, "we live together but he won't marry me because he thinks as soon as I do I will divorce him and take half his money," but that would have been pretty petty, right?

We had been together a couple of years when he brought up a pre-nuptial agreement.  I told him I wouldn't sign one.  If he didn't trust me enough to marry me without one, then we just wouldn't be married.  I guess he heard that.  Even though he could claim me as a dependent on his taxes, and I'd have medical insurance, plus a bunch of other pleasantries, I just don't think that is going to happen.


I've finished stitching and stuffing the muslin Great Dane.  Sewing the eyes on now.

I will be running a few muslin cuties through the washer and dryer tomorrow.  Fingers crossed they all stay intact!

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Boy oh boy...didn't sleep very well last night, couldn't get comfortable.  When I finally slept it was fitful.  So tense I had cramps in my feet and calves all night.

Sweetheart took me to the ER this afternoon, after I called the doc's office and couldn't get in until Friday.  X-rays showed nothing, so they diagnosed torn cartilage in my ribs.  They say it takes 6-12 weeks to heal.  It was getting better, but I think I may have aggravated it using the elliptical.  So, no more of that for awhile.  He has gone to get my prescription filled, hopefully he'll be back sooner than later.

I watched "Alice Through The Looking Glass" last night.  Cute story.

Ok, I have taken one muscle relaxer, 1 Tylenol 3, and 2 ibuprofrens.  Still hurts like a bitch.  It's been almost an hour, I think I should be not feeling the pain as sharply...this sucks.


Gonna go stretch out.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Pain in my....Side

Ever since my last attack of bronchitis in December, I have had a pain on my right side, like the back, just a little below my shoulder.  It's gotten better, but has been a dull throb.  Today, though...maybe I slept "funny" but it is breathtakingly bad today.

I went to work, and fed the boys, but it was a struggle.  I'm home now, took a muscle relaxer, so that's helping.  I will probably spend the evening with the heating pad.

Got/had to listen to a couple of political opinions, thankfully I was able to keep my pretty little mouth shut.  It's just easier that way.

Kinda worried about my pain...I tried to get into the doc today, but they were full-up tomorrow and the next day.  I have a feeling I'll have to have an x-ray, but with the doc's office referral, I won't be charged any emergency room fees (I hope).

Going to get horizontal, watch a little Netflix, and maybe I'll be better in the morning.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, January 23, 2017

Finally, Sunshine!

Oh yeah, it peeked out here and there this past weekend, but not for long.  It has been sunshiny here since about 1:30, and like I said on my FB post, it made me feel peppy.

Laundry finished, even clean sheets on my bed!  Ran the sweeper in my designated areas.  Even sorted through a huge stack of felt remnants and squared them up.

Sounds like tomorrow will be a day to stay in and play cards at the Pro Shop.  30 mph winds in January are not really considered "golf weather."  I will probably need to make a run to Walmart tomorrow morning, unless I can figure out a way out of it.  Ha!

And now as the sun sinks slowly into the west, it's time to shut the blinds, crank up Netflix and put this tiger bull terrier together.  Probably a pic of it later on.

Right now, I gotta get this bra off!

Ok, here's the pic of the new Critter.  The pattern is for a Bull Terrier, but you know how I love contrasting colors and prints, so I had to try it with tiger stripe.

Lighting no so good, but you get the idea, right?  

Waiting up to chat with my Germany girls.  I can NOT wait for them to come home.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wet and Wild!

You know, I believe that I am a very practical person.  What is happening here at this moment is truly making me "smh" (shake my head).

We were blessed with a gentle little rain overnight, which has carried on so far today.  As you know, we have two dogs that absolutely love to go outside...all the time.  They love to come inside, too.   Rainy night/day, dogs this forming a mental image in your mind?  Ok, here's the part that makes me smh...Sweetheart is frantically cleaning the floors, knowing full well that it is still raining, and that they are going to go outside and back inside at least 150 bazillion times today.

I just can't wrap my head around that.  It's not like the wood floor is going to be permanently damaged, it's not even that bad on the floor, because he cleans their little feet off every time they come back in.

Wouldn't it make sense to wait until the rain was gone, and the ground had dried up a little bit before going to the trouble of cleaning it all up?  Honesty, though, he has nothing else to do, I guess.

Some football game comes on at 2 this afternoon.  I am going to venture out into the world about then to pick up food for the Young Son and I.  Sweetheart is going to have a big hunk of frozen lasagna.  I'll be having freshly made Shrimp Chow Mein, Young Son will have Beef and Broccoli.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

It was good, and I plenty left for tomorrow.  I have Peppermint and Thieves diffusing.  The dogs have ran themselves in and out so much today, they are having a little snooze.  Now, as if they "knew" what I just wrote, they are both awake and telling me things.  Gosh, maybe they want to go outside?  ha ha ha ha.  My life is cool.

I have stitched together another muslin Critter, but hesitant to stuff it.  Not sure why, but I'll just leave it alone for a bit.  Tonight's entertainment, other than my niece is coming to spend the night, will have a tiger theme, orange felt.

I should have had her make 2, that would make a nice necklace.  

So...the bulb for my ottlite didn't work, but guess what?  Joann's emailed me a 50% off coupon and I'm going to go get a brand new lamp.  Ha! 

Well, it's tomorrow morning now.  Guess I better hit the feathers.  I stitched up all the parts for a Critter this evening, I'll put it all together tomorrow, so you'll get to see it.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Getting Back On Track

We had a nice Saturday here...the sun was shining, there were 4 groups out on the golf course.  I cleaned the bathrooms and ran the sweeper (even the hand held one).  Mopped the men's room and the kitchen.  All that only took me one hour, and the place "feels" so much better.

Sweetheart neglected to water my banana tree while I was ill, so it's hopefully healing.  I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of it today.  I need to trim my rosebush, and my philodendron are doing fine.  He didn't water them, either, but they're pretty hardy.  I plucked all the dead leaves off them today.

Another thing I learned about using the Walmart sacks...use the inside, the ink will stick to the fabric fusion and you'll end of up blue where you don't want it.  I'm hoping it will wash off.

On the current event scene, I just want the riots to stop.  What I really want is for the "protesters" to get a glimmer of common sense, enough to realize this isn't the way we do things?  I mean, it didn't used to be, but we didn't used to get participation ribbons, either.  I remember when the kids first brought them namby-pamby I felt that was.

The pooches have been up to their elbows digging.  There used to be moles out there, but they're long gone, so I guess they're just digging for the fun of it.  More Mario than Maria, he is the terrier, and they do love to dig.

Just let them out for a last minute potty break.  I didn't realize it was raining.  And cold.  That's all I'm going to say about the weather today.

I think I will do a little Netflix and stuff a Critter.  Y'all Sleep Well, Say Your Prayers and...

Play Nice!  xxoo

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wednesday Errands

Luckily, today we only had one stop to make, Walmart.  We got a bit of a later start then Sweetheart would have liked, because...well, if you read the 15 soup bean comment I made yesterday, I was detained in my throne room for longer than I thought I wold have been.  Sadly, no more bean soup for me.  Not to mention we had refried beans on our tacos the other night, and I had been snacking on Edemame all week.  Not brilliant choices, knowing my limitations bowel-wise.

Had a haircut and a cool visit with my "hair girl."  After dinner, we did this:

When I say "we" in this instance, I mean Sweetheart and Young Son.  :)
I read the directions out loud to them. it is Thursday!  

Served up some burgers at the Pro Shop, got home a little after 3, did 30 mins on the Ellip...sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Trying to decide what I want to work on tonight and tomorrow.

Got an email today, my replacement bulb is at my Walmart.  I'll go up and get it tomorrow.  I have really missed it!
This is the one I have, but mine is white.  
I've used it for 3 years, pretty much every day - the bulb just burned out.
Pretty good.  

So, I decided to try another new pattern, a Bull Terrier, working it up in muslin and a matching fabric print.  

For now, I am going to hit the feathers to rest up for a good day tomorrow.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anticipating the Arrival

The elliptical machine is supposed to be here today, by 8 pm.  I have been so sedentary for the last 3 years.  I was super slim when the girls were here, we were busy running around all over the place.  I need to get my body stronger!  The mind will follow.

Speaking of the girls...I stayed up late to visit with them.  We are so excited for them to be home!  I have a list of 11 things that we want to do while they are here, no, 12, I just remembered one.

It's 40 degrees here right now, overcast/gray.  The pooches don't mind...they go out, they come in, repeat at least 5 times this morning,  So fun, I love watching them take off around the trees!

Supposed to be in the 50 degree area all week, cloudy.  I'll take that!

Not too sure what I am going to be working on today.  I truly need a trip to Hobby Lobby!  The closest one is about 15 miles or so away, a brand new store.  I am very low on supplies/notions.

Here is what I worked on over the not-so-icy weekend...

Great Dane, fawn felt

Dolly, muslin

Alpaca x 2, muslin

3:00, the delivery has been received.  I'm going to have a shower.  We're putting it together tomorrow.

It is going to be a long long long time before I eat so many beans again.  Just sayin'.

I'll be getting out of the house tomorrow, kinda looking forward to that.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, January 16, 2017

Today, Just Another Rainy One

Sweetheart got to play some golf in the mild morning of the day.  He and a couple other knuckleheads played a few holes.

Our elliptical machine should be here tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited, time to get back in the groove of things.  Which also means I don't have to go to the Pro Shop, since I want to be here when it arrives, just so I can drag it inside the house.  I don't want anyone driving by and taking it!

Here is the Great Dane I cut out last night.  It's a fawn colored thick felt, copper colored beads for the eyes.  I'm happy with how it turned out.

8.5" from tail to snout
8" from ear to paw.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day 3 of the "Ice Storm"

I have tried to communicate two things to a person living in this house today.  Just two things.  Is it possible that 30 minutes later he's asking me about the two things I told him about.

It really isn't worth getting all upset about, but it is upsetting.  I am only human, for goodness sakes.  Sometimes I feel like The Pinball Wizard.  "See me, hear me!"

Just finished up a bowl of 15 bean soup.  I've had a shower and put on clean jammies.  I have a load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer.

One little thing I've discovered this weekend...remember I was using aluminum foil to lay my pieces out for bonding the edges?  Walmart bags work even better.

Oh yeah, don't forget!  Tomorrow is the last day for my Lip Sense Extravaganza.  Better click now!

Taking a break from muslin tonight, going to cut up and stitch a Great Dane in felt.  This one will be fawn.

The bulb finally burned out of my super sweet Ottlite.  *insert sad face here*  I have to order it and shipping costs as much as the bulb, unless I order it from Walmart, to pick up at the store, and "they" say it won't come in until the 24th?!?!?!?!  Guess I'll go ahead and order it, hopefully it will come in sooner.  Done.

You noticed I haven't mentioned the weather?


So, while most of the people in my area are watching the Chief, I am kicking back with a little Netflix and stitching.  Watching games makes me so nervous!  

Darn those Chiefs.  They did well to get as far as they did.  

I'm going to sign off for tonight, The Great Dane is coming along nicely, I'll have a few pics to share with you tomorrow.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I will not be mentioning the weather today.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, January 13, 2017


All week long...all week!  Ice storm Ice storm Ice storm!

Not that I'm complaining...but it is 1:00 pm and it is dry as the proverbial bone out there.  Now the guessers say that it will happen late tonight.  I am not going to worry about it one bit more.

I made a 15 bean Cajun soup in the crock pot yesterday...left it on low all night.  I had a small taste late last night, and enjoying a bowl right now.  I am the only one in the house that likes it, and that's fine with me!

(Still no ice, still have power, all is well so far)

4:00 pm.  The storm has been "rescheduled" for Saturday Night.  It's all down south of us for now, and all across the state to St Louis have been hit pretty hard already.

5:11 pm  Now they say Sunday.  For pity's sakes!  Guess I might as well lower the blinds, turn off the weather radar...I am not disappointed, I just feel so unfulfilled.  All week they told us, all week, how bad this storm was going to be and everybody was out buying all the milk and bread...for nothing.

 7:08 pm  No, I did not turn the radar off, and just saw that we actually might have a little "pink" (ice) heading towards us.  Just a little.  Glad everyone that lives here is home.

9:50 pm  Mario just had his first experience with ice on the back porch.  He's ok.

Now it is Saturday morning, 1:24 am.   I've cut out a new dolly I'm going to work on tomorrow.  If it turns out the way I expect it to, it's going to be cute cute cute!

Play Nice!  xxoo

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Impending Storm

I talk, talk, talk about the weather, but never try to do anything about it.  *gs*

Weather Update this morning.  My prayer for this situation is that we keep power.

We are in the bright pink area, just a smidge down from KC

I'm getting ready to have a shower, to go to the Pro Shop to spend the day with Sweetheart and his golf buddies while they play cards.  

From now to the 16th, please come take a look at my LipSense Extravaganza!  This lipstick is smudges, doesn't wear off, you can even give someone a big kiss on the cheek, without leaving a mark! 

So...later that same day...

Finally sold the rest of the corned beef.  That stuff  isn't cheap, and I was afraid it was going to spoil!  Thankfully the brothers showed up to play cards today, not a scrap went to waste, those two boys can eat a sandwich.   

Got the whole weekend ahead of me, here.  I believe I'll be doing quite a bit of stitching and stuffing.  Maybe even a photo session, and adding some listings in my Etsy shop.  

Thinking of just creating my own website, just for my Critters.  Any thoughts?  Have any of you dropped Etsy and just have your own website?  

Just got this on FB.  The weather guessers are so good at whipping us up into a frenzy...

I'm in the 1/2" to 1" area.  
It doesn't take much ice to be slick.

It is only 5:52, but it feels like 9:00!  I put some cajun bean soup in the crock pot when I got home, about 4, on high for 3 hours, on low overnight.  

Oh wait, here's another one!  

On this one we are 3/4" or more...

Winter weather has freaked me out for a long time.  I remember my last trip I made not caring how much is was snowing, was a trip from Independence, MO to St. Louis, which turned out to be such a disappointment, that was the last time.

I used to work in downtown KC when I lived in Independence.  I-70 West...what a cluster every single morning.  Throw in snow...forget it.  But the bosses, they want their employees at work, no matter how far their employees have to drive...thankful to live 3 minutes from my "job" now, and forget about me going in if it's icy.  Nope.  The golf boys have already said no one is heading to the golf course this weekend.

Ok, hopefully that is the last of my somewhat paranoid comments about the weather.  It's winter in Missouri.  (I haven't liked Winter ever)  Yeah, I say that, but you know tomorrow I am going to be peeking out my bedroom window and telling you all about the weather outside.  (The guessers just updated, the storm is supposed to be here by 9:00 am.  Schools are closed.)

Well, I am going to hit my feathers, climb in my bed and get comfy without disturbing my snoozing canines too much.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Ice Storm Cometh...

It is really hard to believe that we are preparing for an ice storm this weekend.  Just got home from the store with Sweetheart, it's 52 degrees outside, pretty strong winds, but warm enough for him to head to the golf course.  I'll be staying here.  I do have the back door and one of my bedroom windows open a bit, letting some fresh air blow through.

This was just posted on facebook.  011117

I will absolutely be one of those reducing travel, as in, after Thursday, I'll not be getting out of the house again until Monday morning.

Maria and Mario out enjoying the great outdoors today.  They need a day like this to "blow the stink off them," as Grandma and Mom used to tell us girls when we had been inside underfoot too long.

We do love our chain link fence!  

Went to the Pro Shop yesterday...made one sandwich, sold a 6 pack and a soda.  Hardly worth leaving the house for...tomorrow hopefully/maybe sell a few sandwiches.  There will be a 30 degree difference in temperature tomorrow, and a more regular group for cards than Tuesday.

Aside from the normal, humdrum yet comfortable goings on in my life...I have two secrets that I can't tell anybody.  That's as much as I can say about that.  I mention it only because Sweetheart doesn't know either, and that's big.  He knows the rule about jinxing, he just can't abide by it.

I'm diffusing 2 drops of Thieves and 2 drops of Purification, just to kinda clear the air around here, and my mind.

I have 2 sizes of muslin alpacas cut out and edges bonded.  Ready to stitch those cuties up tonight.

Speaking of cuties, I have a picture of the newly appointed "Snow Princess" of their back yard...

Delightful Delilah
(They will be home soon!)

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, January 9, 2017

Restful and Repaired

I stayed in my comfy bed for a while today...Staying up late to see my girls tonight.

Today I repaired the muslin Critters.
A couple of tail blowouts

Took those ears off and put a little stuffing in there.  

And put the custom made tag on my favorite black and white cutie.
My good friend, KPK from Flowertown Originals.  
That girl is good with clay!

Tomorrow the golf boys are playing cards, so I will go up and cook for them.  I'm cutting out a muslin fox tonight.

My erratic sleep pattern has got to be dealt with.  I am thankful that I will be able to see the girls tonight, and still get up for a big day tomorrow morning.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Restful Day

I don't know what time this morning that I woke up the first time.  Fed the pooches, turned on the TV, and crawled back under the covers.  I slept/dozed through 4 "Brady Bunch" episodes, dozed through 2 "Gilligan's Isle", slept hard through "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley."  Then I drug my lazy a$$ out of bed.

I knew I didn't have to do anything today, so I stayed up as late as I wanted (because I am a grown up).  Then I decided to rest today, for the same reason.

Sweetheart was a little snippy when I got up for good.  Seems they had made plans to have company.  Thankfully, I wasn't included in those plans.

The breathing air in this place was alive with the smell of fried bologna, and popcorn.  I''m diffusing a little bit of Purification and Stress Away.

I plan to stay up pretty late tonight, but not as late in the morning.  I will be staying up to chat with my German Girlies tomorrow night/their morning.  Haven't talked to them since Christmas Day.  They've had company for the holidays, and they're always busy doing something.

So, I won't call this a waste of a day, I will call it a day well spent rejuvenating, meditating, snoozing, dozing...doing exactly what I wanted to do.

If it upset anyone, that would be their choice to let it upset them.  I wasn't hurting a soul.

Bigger day tomorrow!

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cabin Fever?

I am quite happy to be alone.  When I am home alone, I am usually being a hermit up in my bedroom, with my computer, my loyal canines, and my projects.

Usually, during the day, Sweetheart is at the golf course.  Every day of the week, unless of course, it's raining, and/or Winter.

So...I haven't really been alone since Tuesday.  Even Young Son is here today, because of Winter.

They aren't doing anything to bother me, either.  (But I know they are here.)  I believe it will do us both a world of good to get out of the house for a few hours tomorrow.

Our weather is supposed to be slightly warmer, 30's hopefully, so we'll be in the Pro Shop tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll have a full table of card players, that are hungry for a Reuben or a Corned Beef sandwich.

I am learning a lot about hand-stitching muslin Critters.  First, the ears have to have just a little bit of stuffing in them or they will crinkle in the drying cycle.  The stitches have to be made just a little bit longer than on the felt Critters or they will easily blow out in the wash cycle.  I think they should be placed in a pillow case just to keep them from being agitated so much.  In the dryer, as well.  Delightful Delilah usually gets the "practice" ones, and she loves them just as much, if not more, for their imperfections.  I will share pics of the three I washed this morning, before some slight repairs.

Tonight for dinner we are having Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, and Green Beans.  We've been doing what we call "hodge-podging" for the last couple of days...not really eating meals, just kinda snick-snacking through the day.  While I prefer that, a nice baked potato sounds pretty good right about now.

Later that same day:   Dinner was delicious!  Young  Son joined us.  He seems to have many things on his mind.

Almost finished with the muslin dog that was ordered yesterday.  It doesn't look "exactly" like the one she bought before, but none of my Critters ever look the same every time I make one.  They all have a slight difference here or there.  Totally unique.

It's finished, I'm happy how it turned out.  I'll post a buncha pics over the weekend to catch up for the last couple of days.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Snowy Day

Reprieved from going to the Pro Shop today, as no one in our age group really wants to test the roads.  Reports are that they are slick, that it is very cold outside.  Breaking a hip is a grave reality at our stage of the game, ain't nobody got time for that!

As it seems to have happened so far this year, my posts are simply little commentaries on the life I am living on this day.  Maybe a little worry for the coming day, but carefully leaving the past where it belongs.

This is Maria and Mario's first snowy day together.  They like to go out for a good 20 min romp in the slick white stuff, then are very happy to come in, snuggle up on the blankets on my bed.  Unless, of course, someone (cat dog, occasional leaf)  dare pass by our home where they can be seen from the pooche's vantage point.  Then there is much barking and yelping, running to the back door, where Sweetheart will let them out on their protective rampage.

Speaking of Sweetheart, he's already gone out and cleaned off the driveway once.  I got him a snowblower once, he didn't even try it, just told me to take it back...which I did, and spent the money on something I wanted.  I don't remind him of this, that's too much of an "I told you so."

Another muslin dog in the works today...this one is just a hound dog of some sort.

Just got a convo on Etsy...another muslin dog on order.  Life is good.

You know, I'm all for people doing good deeds, random acts of kindness, etc...but if you tell anyone about it or take credit for it, you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Today's Critter, I am happy with it.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Waiting for Snow

Wednesday mornings we usually go to Walmart to restock, but only for a couple of days.  He'll make at least 2 more trips before next week.

We're supposed to get some snow tonight...I'm watching "Intellicast" interactive weather radar.  It's north of us now, not supposed to get here until this evening.  Tomorrow will be cold, slick, and a day that if I could/can, I would/will stay in.  The boys want to play cards at the Pro Shop tomorrow, and I got the makings for Reuben Sandwiches, so I probably will have to get out in it.

So, got out a little tea-dyed muslin I had left over from a previous project.  All the pieces of the dachshund have been cut out, the the edges painted with Fabric Fusion, so they don't fray.  Time to start some stitching.  Still early in the day, so I may get to the stuffing part tonight, too.

I know, they look like little gingerbread cookies.  I use the foil when painting the edges, because the pieces don't adhere to the foil, they just peel right off, and the foil is reusable.

Finished Product.  

I'd be interested to read how you feel about these muslin Critters.  

11:02 pm, and now it is snowing.  I am finished for the day, going to take a few moments to unwind, then hit the feathers for a good night of sleep.  See y'all tomorrow!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3

Today I am diffusing a "Calm" mixture in my Young Living Essential Oil diffuser.  3 drops of Lavender, 2 of Stress Away, and 2 of Frankincense.  I didn't start it up until this afternoon, since I had some errands to run earlier.  Hoping it will help Sweetheart and my pooches as well.

I took my niece, Rylee, to see some baby goats.  We really thought we'd be able to pet them and hold them, but all we got to do was look in a window at them.  Ah well, then we gassed up my car, stopped at the grocery store, and the post office.  I shipped a "paid for" Critter, and a "pay back" Critter to a girl that made something for me.  I love making exchanges like that.

Tonight, while I watch some more "Bones" on Netflix, I'll be stitching together the muslin pooch I started on last night.  I think a dachshund will be my next muslin project.

Looks like I'll be having an online Lipsense party, with my friend, Colsie.  She's a hoot, a very nice girl, a friend of Darling Danielle and me...I'll have more info soon, and share it with you.  This lipstick is like nothing I have ever seen before, put it on, it's on all day, no smudges, no lip marks on your coffee cups, it just stays!

Looks like a change of plans for this evenings viewing.  "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 11 is available on Netflix as of today.  Kinda gotta get caught up with that one.

4:41 pm, and it's still pretty sunny outside here.  It's not much of a consolation, because of the cold temps, and the colder ones coming my way, but it's something.  Looking on the bright side, you know?

Well, still watching "Sunny" but was happily interrupted by Young Son and his New Friend.

Got the Dachshund cut out the applied Fabric Fusion on the raw edges. Gonna kick back and relax for a bit.

Play nice!  xxoo

Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday Monday

I worked on a muslin dog yesterday, he's in the dryer now.  I'll take a couple pics once he's dry.  That's kinda what I like about the muslin.  They can be washed and dried, where the felt cannot.  Checked him over before putting him in the dryer.  A couple seams need repaired, which will only add to his charm.  Going to cut out another one to work up today.

I think that maybe this first one was over-stuffed a bit.  Next one I won't stuff as firmly as I stuff my felt Critters.

Gotta figure out the nose situation...not sure what I want to do yet.

This is one made from felt.  I love contrasting colors!  

Stitched and stuffed all evening, after a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.  

See y'all tomorrow.  xxoo

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd start off with a little update, since I have been less than loyal to my blogging.  Last year was probably just a normal year, with life happening, and death as well, except...

My gig at the Pro Shop is pretty non existent.  Not very many members, no public play, there are mainly 3/4 groups that play on a regular basis, and not too many of them bother with coming into the Pro Shop.  It is what it is.  Sweetheart has been very cool with helping me out financially, which honestly, after being together for 16 years and for pretty much handling my own expenses for that amount of time, I think that's only fair, and I'm thankful that I don't have to search for other employment.

Young Son is growing, maturing and learning.  Finding his way, through trial and error, as they do.  Experience is the best teacher, and he's had plenty of that this past year.  I'm very proud of him.

Darling Danielle and Delightful Delilah will be coming home at the end of May!  They've been in Germany for the last 3 years.  Delilah is 5 years old now, and they all have been traveling all over Europe.  My son-in-law will follow them home at the end of June.  Not sure where they will be stationed next, but as long as they are in the United States, and I can drive to them, I'll be ok with it.

When they first arrived in Germany

Thanksgiving 2016, in Budapest

My sister is happier than I have ever seen her, she has a new boyfriend that adores her.  We are all so, so happy for the both of them.  He and Sweetheart get along so well, it's just really cool.  We all usually go out to dinner on Friday or Saturday night, trying new places.  So fun.

We were lucky enough to add a new canine to our family, as well as having a chain link installed around part of our yard.  It may sound silly, but we really get a kick out of just opening the door and letting them out.  No more tie outs!  The pups get along great!  Bed hogs, the both of them, but I don't mind.

Mario and Maria

I've revved up my Critters a little bit, tried some new patterns and luckily had quite a few sales over Christmas.  Hooked up with a friend from our old neighborhood, and she ordered a Critter for each of her grandchildren.  Pretty awesome.

Just a few, you can see them all in my Etsy shop, Handmade by Cosmo.  I am working on a couple more made from muslin, I love the natural look.  

Play Nice!  xxoo