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Friday, January 6, 2017

Cabin Fever?

I am quite happy to be alone.  When I am home alone, I am usually being a hermit up in my bedroom, with my computer, my loyal canines, and my projects.

Usually, during the day, Sweetheart is at the golf course.  Every day of the week, unless of course, it's raining, and/or Winter.

So...I haven't really been alone since Tuesday.  Even Young Son is here today, because of Winter.

They aren't doing anything to bother me, either.  (But I know they are here.)  I believe it will do us both a world of good to get out of the house for a few hours tomorrow.

Our weather is supposed to be slightly warmer, 30's hopefully, so we'll be in the Pro Shop tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll have a full table of card players, that are hungry for a Reuben or a Corned Beef sandwich.

I am learning a lot about hand-stitching muslin Critters.  First, the ears have to have just a little bit of stuffing in them or they will crinkle in the drying cycle.  The stitches have to be made just a little bit longer than on the felt Critters or they will easily blow out in the wash cycle.  I think they should be placed in a pillow case just to keep them from being agitated so much.  In the dryer, as well.  Delightful Delilah usually gets the "practice" ones, and she loves them just as much, if not more, for their imperfections.  I will share pics of the three I washed this morning, before some slight repairs.

Tonight for dinner we are having Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, and Green Beans.  We've been doing what we call "hodge-podging" for the last couple of days...not really eating meals, just kinda snick-snacking through the day.  While I prefer that, a nice baked potato sounds pretty good right about now.

Later that same day:   Dinner was delicious!  Young  Son joined us.  He seems to have many things on his mind.

Almost finished with the muslin dog that was ordered yesterday.  It doesn't look "exactly" like the one she bought before, but none of my Critters ever look the same every time I make one.  They all have a slight difference here or there.  Totally unique.

It's finished, I'm happy how it turned out.  I'll post a buncha pics over the weekend to catch up for the last couple of days.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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