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Monday, January 23, 2017

Finally, Sunshine!

Oh yeah, it peeked out here and there this past weekend, but not for long.  It has been sunshiny here since about 1:30, and like I said on my FB post, it made me feel peppy.

Laundry finished, even clean sheets on my bed!  Ran the sweeper in my designated areas.  Even sorted through a huge stack of felt remnants and squared them up.

Sounds like tomorrow will be a day to stay in and play cards at the Pro Shop.  30 mph winds in January are not really considered "golf weather."  I will probably need to make a run to Walmart tomorrow morning, unless I can figure out a way out of it.  Ha!

And now as the sun sinks slowly into the west, it's time to shut the blinds, crank up Netflix and put this tiger bull terrier together.  Probably a pic of it later on.

Right now, I gotta get this bra off!

Ok, here's the pic of the new Critter.  The pattern is for a Bull Terrier, but you know how I love contrasting colors and prints, so I had to try it with tiger stripe.

Lighting no so good, but you get the idea, right?  

Waiting up to chat with my Germany girls.  I can NOT wait for them to come home.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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