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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Impending Storm

I talk, talk, talk about the weather, but never try to do anything about it.  *gs*

Weather Update this morning.  My prayer for this situation is that we keep power.

We are in the bright pink area, just a smidge down from KC

I'm getting ready to have a shower, to go to the Pro Shop to spend the day with Sweetheart and his golf buddies while they play cards.  

From now to the 16th, please come take a look at my LipSense Extravaganza!  This lipstick is smudges, doesn't wear off, you can even give someone a big kiss on the cheek, without leaving a mark! 

So...later that same day...

Finally sold the rest of the corned beef.  That stuff  isn't cheap, and I was afraid it was going to spoil!  Thankfully the brothers showed up to play cards today, not a scrap went to waste, those two boys can eat a sandwich.   

Got the whole weekend ahead of me, here.  I believe I'll be doing quite a bit of stitching and stuffing.  Maybe even a photo session, and adding some listings in my Etsy shop.  

Thinking of just creating my own website, just for my Critters.  Any thoughts?  Have any of you dropped Etsy and just have your own website?  

Just got this on FB.  The weather guessers are so good at whipping us up into a frenzy...

I'm in the 1/2" to 1" area.  
It doesn't take much ice to be slick.

It is only 5:52, but it feels like 9:00!  I put some cajun bean soup in the crock pot when I got home, about 4, on high for 3 hours, on low overnight.  

Oh wait, here's another one!  

On this one we are 3/4" or more...

Winter weather has freaked me out for a long time.  I remember my last trip I made not caring how much is was snowing, was a trip from Independence, MO to St. Louis, which turned out to be such a disappointment, that was the last time.

I used to work in downtown KC when I lived in Independence.  I-70 West...what a cluster every single morning.  Throw in snow...forget it.  But the bosses, they want their employees at work, no matter how far their employees have to drive...thankful to live 3 minutes from my "job" now, and forget about me going in if it's icy.  Nope.  The golf boys have already said no one is heading to the golf course this weekend.

Ok, hopefully that is the last of my somewhat paranoid comments about the weather.  It's winter in Missouri.  (I haven't liked Winter ever)  Yeah, I say that, but you know tomorrow I am going to be peeking out my bedroom window and telling you all about the weather outside.  (The guessers just updated, the storm is supposed to be here by 9:00 am.  Schools are closed.)

Well, I am going to hit my feathers, climb in my bed and get comfy without disturbing my snoozing canines too much.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

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