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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lazy Lazy Day

Young Son had a couple of his friends over last night, and invited Sweetheart and I to join them downstairs for pool, cards and laughs.  I absolutely love that he enjoys our company so much!

I didn't have to go to the Pro Shop today, only one guy showed up to play cards, so he and Sweetheart played a game of Spite and Malice, drank a pot of coffee, then they were done for the day.  

My "wifey" friend, Dammit Janet, and I are going to Hobby Lobby on Monday.  She is a wonderfully talented pet groomer that opened a shop in a small town near here in May 2015.  The shop is doing great, and I'm so happy for her.  

We got some Brisket yesterday from a sweet little, tiny little shop called Rae Rae's.  Wow.  Really great place, and it smells so good inside!  

Just took my last Tylenol 3.  I am much better...and I'm thankful I didn't get any stronger pain relief.  I am fine.  I also diffused a few blends with Panaway, as well as using it neat on the site of the source of my pain.  


Would you just take a look of what the weather guessers are trying to ramp us up about now?  This is their "model" for what they guess the weather will be like NeXt WeEkEnD!  I am not going to stress about this, nope, not at all.  

Come on...

So, it is Saturday night.  Could be Wednesday.  The days and nights are just one endless loop.  Pretty cool how that works, huh?

Oh, regarding those two secrets I kinda told you about a little bit secret had a "relieved"ending and isn't worth mentioning reallly.  The other, I should learn about in the next few days.  If you have any thoughts of me, please think positive thoughts. 


I am just a few moments away from telling you all to have a good night.  I am a pretty tired unit.  See y'all tomorrow. 
Play Nice!  xxoo

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