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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Restful Day

I don't know what time this morning that I woke up the first time.  Fed the pooches, turned on the TV, and crawled back under the covers.  I slept/dozed through 4 "Brady Bunch" episodes, dozed through 2 "Gilligan's Isle", slept hard through "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley."  Then I drug my lazy a$$ out of bed.

I knew I didn't have to do anything today, so I stayed up as late as I wanted (because I am a grown up).  Then I decided to rest today, for the same reason.

Sweetheart was a little snippy when I got up for good.  Seems they had made plans to have company.  Thankfully, I wasn't included in those plans.

The breathing air in this place was alive with the smell of fried bologna, and popcorn.  I''m diffusing a little bit of Purification and Stress Away.

I plan to stay up pretty late tonight, but not as late in the morning.  I will be staying up to chat with my German Girlies tomorrow night/their morning.  Haven't talked to them since Christmas Day.  They've had company for the holidays, and they're always busy doing something.

So, I won't call this a waste of a day, I will call it a day well spent rejuvenating, meditating, snoozing, dozing...doing exactly what I wanted to do.

If it upset anyone, that would be their choice to let it upset them.  I wasn't hurting a soul.

Bigger day tomorrow!

Play Nice!  xxoo

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  1. ANOTHER pearl of wisdom. Thanks for the validation and reminder (last statement before "bigger day tomorrow"). XOXO