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Friday, January 13, 2017


All week long...all week!  Ice storm Ice storm Ice storm!

Not that I'm complaining...but it is 1:00 pm and it is dry as the proverbial bone out there.  Now the guessers say that it will happen late tonight.  I am not going to worry about it one bit more.

I made a 15 bean Cajun soup in the crock pot yesterday...left it on low all night.  I had a small taste late last night, and enjoying a bowl right now.  I am the only one in the house that likes it, and that's fine with me!

(Still no ice, still have power, all is well so far)

4:00 pm.  The storm has been "rescheduled" for Saturday Night.  It's all down south of us for now, and all across the state to St Louis have been hit pretty hard already.

5:11 pm  Now they say Sunday.  For pity's sakes!  Guess I might as well lower the blinds, turn off the weather radar...I am not disappointed, I just feel so unfulfilled.  All week they told us, all week, how bad this storm was going to be and everybody was out buying all the milk and bread...for nothing.

 7:08 pm  No, I did not turn the radar off, and just saw that we actually might have a little "pink" (ice) heading towards us.  Just a little.  Glad everyone that lives here is home.

9:50 pm  Mario just had his first experience with ice on the back porch.  He's ok.

Now it is Saturday morning, 1:24 am.   I've cut out a new dolly I'm going to work on tomorrow.  If it turns out the way I expect it to, it's going to be cute cute cute!

Play Nice!  xxoo

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