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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Normal

Every time a family member passes away, there becomes a New Normal.  When Mom passed, there would never be another wake up call on Saturday mornings (even though she knew I hated that).  When Dad passed, we would never hear him answer the phone in a low voice "City Morgue."  Aunt Betty passed, she took over singing "Happy Birthday" to us since Mom had passed. it is time for my sisters and I to carry on the long held traditions of our family.  Singing "Happy Birthday," and wrapping birthday presents in the Sunday comics.

Being there for our children as they raise theirs.  Listening to them as they voice their concerns over lost shoes and loose teeth.  Helping to relieve their anxiety as their newly licensed child is driving alone for the first time.  All the things that come to light while raising their children, while in a different day and age as when we raised ours, the core values are still the same and still have to be reinforced.  Respect & kindness.  I feel those are most important.

I realize, almost forlornly, that I have become an adult.  An older adult.

My sister and stopped in some town in Oklahoma on the way home.  We needed nourishment.  The morning drive had been stressful, the traffic jam for no reason was too much.  We stopped at Braums, got our food, and began to chow down like two hungry old ladies.

The next booth, a kid, probably around 2, was looking at me.  I continued to chew while we looked at each other.  I gave a little smile, which was returned beautifully.  The child asked me my name and I said, "Grandma."  I like that title, a lot lot.

Tomorrow I am going with Sweetheart to have his taxes done.  I'd like to stop at Hobby Lobby to get what I forgot the other day, and we are stopping for groceries before we go home.

I have one thought in my brain/soul/heart that keeps repeating over and over and over and girls will be home in 3 months...3 months.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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