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Friday, February 10, 2017

"Blow Your Hat Off" Windy Day

Sweetheart is at the golf course.  I reminded him to wear his stocking cap so he didn't get an ear-ache.  He didn't think his regular cap would stay on his head in this wind.  We  had a laugh over that one.  He's a goof.

I did not finish the Mini Critter last night, the lighting was just too dim for me to go on.  Today though, that Critter is going to be finished!

This wind is blowing so hard, that I can slightly feel it blowing around the old windows in this house.

My lunch today.  

Somewhat anxiously anticipating my new lamp today!  

I'm freaking.  Something happened to my Netflix!  Please please please start!  Phew!  I'm watching "Bones" (again).  I just love that show.  

My Amazon haul for today...already loving the new lite!  

This is the Mini Critter I was talking about.  
I'm in love.  I'm cutting out another one right now.

Tomorrow is going to be an unseasonably warm day for Missouri in February.  I'll be at the Pro Shop.  
Play Nice!  xxoo

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