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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Early Morning, Windy Day

Up at 7:30, left the house at 8:30, errand finished by 9:00, Sweetheart made it to the golf course in time.  Phew.  *ha ha ha*

I've gotten a lot done today, but hit a glitch.  Took a bunch of photos of the Mini Critters, and have them downloaded to my computer, but the free, online source I use to edit my photos is undergoing maintenance at this time.  No big deal, I just hand tied a mane and a tail onto a Mini Zebra.   Still have to get pics of that one and the Mini Pink Cheetah Stego'sarus(?).

Fotofuze is back up and running, I hope.

Got all the edited photos uploaded, not sure if I am happy with them, I'll be able to tell better in the morning.

For now, I'll say good night.  Not that I'm going to bed right way but pretty soon, because I really do like the mornings.  I've let my bad habits take that joy away, so I'm going to take it back.

There is so much coming up for me in my future, soon.  I'm gearing up for it.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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