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Friday, February 24, 2017



So glad to be home, to see Sweetheart & Young Son.  Maria and Mario were as glad to see me as I was glad to see them.

For the first time ever bringing a souvenir home to  my sweetheart, he really, really liked what I got him this time.  An ash try from Big Cabin in Oklahoma.

Big Cabin is a huge truck stop when  we get off I44 to 69 highway to go through Oklahoma.  Sweetheart loves this place.  He and his golf buddies would always stop here on their way to Oklahoma for a golf trip.  And they would always eat at Braums.  I brought him a straw from there.

I'm trying to stay up to talk to Darling Danielle.  She'll be getting up in about an hour.  (Didn't get to, busy morning at her house.)

So many things happened on this trip, so many emotions, so many family members...


I allowed my self to sleep in this morning, then ran errands with Sweetheart.  Came home, Mary came over, had a cuppa coffee and visited for a bit.  That was cool.

The weather is bonkers around here...probably around everywhere.  84 degrees in Muskogee yesterday.  Snowing here in H'ville today.

So, I'm stitching and stuffing as I watch reruns of the soap opera, Ryan's Hope.  Love it!

See you tomorrow.  Play Nice!  xxoo

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