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Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Plans

First of all, here are the Mini Critters I have been working on over the weekend...

I am awaiting the arrival of my girlfriend, Dammit Janet, to get here so we can run some errands.  

Hopefully our friend will bring a little Belgian Malinois pup over to visit when we get back.

Later, that same day...

DJ was a little late, but that's kinda normal for her.  We met up with my cyber friend, which was cool.  Met her Boston Terrier, her hairless Guinea Pig, and her adorable Rat.  

We had lunch on the way home, stopped at Wally World, and The Family Center (farm/cowboy store), then  hung out at my place for a bit.  The Belgian Malinois had to postpone, it's ok, things happen.

There was a general meeting at the Golf Course.  I'm pretty happy to be "retiring" when my Germany family get home.  I'm not a member at the country club, I'm just an employee, so I have no say in what goes on there.  Sweetheart is a member, but he's voiced his opinions a few times already to the Pres of the Board.  We have the solution, but "they" don't really want to listen.  Ok...see ya!

So, I'm gonna go figure out which of my Critters I want to shrink next.  Any suggestions are welcomed, so please, feel free.  You should find the link to my Etsy shop and my FB page over there.  
See you tomorrow.  Play Nice!  xxoo

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