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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sharing Thoughts Sunday

It makes me sad when I see ads for people wanting to re-home their dog due to moving, downsizing, or not having time for them.  I feel sad for both of them, because they didn't bond with each other, or they'd never be able to give that dog away.  They'd do anything and everything to keep that dog with them.  I hope and pray for that dog to find a new home that will value, appreciate and love what that dog has to offer.

Looks like we are going to have a warming up outside for the next few days.  I'll be glad to be able to open my windows to let some fresh air in, and the stinky air out!  Hopefully my canines will enjoy the days outside, too!

Ok, I've had a shower, and have the day off.  It's warming up, so Sweetheart went to the golf course.  Poochey-Pies are outback in the sunshine.  I have lemon and  peppermint diffusing, have a freshly opened Perrier, cleaned off my desk and have a new drive to be creative!

See you in a bit!  

Nope, nope nope nope.  Everything Critter related is going back to the sewing room for a bit.  I got rid of that pattern, too.  I am just going to wait until I have some inspiration, until then, well, I just don't know.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

This was the first Critter I sold.
I went to the Netherlands.
I told her it was a misfit, as the mane was on wrong.
That made her love it more.  

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