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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Wow, I've been cruising through my external hard drive, you know, where all your really "good" pics are.  Yeah, I even found a "MySpace" file.  Ha ha!  That was so long ago, and had such a short life span, but for awhile it was "the thing."  You remember it, right?  I bet mine is still out there bopping around the interwebs.

These are two of my favorite hand-embroidery projects.  
I have a quilt top I need to finish up and have quilted 
before we both get too old to be of any use!  

I'd really like to have this,
in a frame.  

One of my first Unicorns.  

My mind is still going crazy thinking of all the things I am thinking, new home for the kids, travel time, shopping, spending the days with them...see I can't hardly keep a thought straight!  

I really miss my Ottlite.  I have on in my cart at Amazon, just gotta ask Sweetheart about it.  I know he'll say yes, but it's best to be sure.  My hands are not happy tonight, they have nothing to do.  Too dark.  

See you tomorrow!  Play Nice!  xxoo

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