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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Peaceful Sunday

Well, we had a little snow, not even enough to measure, but the Guessers say we got .4"  I can handle the amount, but sure would like to have our warmer temps back.  I'm wearing a flannel shirt and sweats today...

The new trashcan is working out.  Nice to come back into my room and not have to pick up the trash, again.  Now the only other thing I need is something to keep my stuffing in.  That Terrier, he loves to rip up plastic bags.  I always gotta remind myself that he was a stray before we got him, so trash was probably the only thing he had to eat.  The button thing, that's just weird.

Working on the Boston Terriers this afternoon, gonna find something to listen to in the background.  Sure looking forward to the last season of Bones to be on Netflix!  I love that show.

While waiting to hear from the BT girl, I whipped this sweet thing up.

He's a happy little bear, I believe.  

The Boston Terrier parts, cut out, some already sewn.  

I'm pretty tickled about a custom order I received over the weekend.  A purple Pushmi-Pullu (from Dr. Doolittle) for a cancer patient.  I have about got it sewn up, I was so inspired.  I lost both my parents due to Cancer.  This one will go out as a freebie, with a lot of prayers going into the making of it.  

For now, though, I should hit the feathers.  Sweetheart wants to do some shopping tomorrow.  Of course we will be stopping at Hobby Lobby, since we'll be in the area.  

I'll click some pics of our little adventure, and share them with you.  

Play Nice!  xxoo


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  2. A purple Pushmi Pullu...and no pictures?!?

    1. There will be pictures when it's finished, like probably tonight, Miss Impatient! xxoo