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Monday, March 13, 2017

All On A Monday

We made plans last night, Sweetheart and I, to go to a town south of us.  We'll get up and go.

At 8:00 I woke up, he was still snoring, so I snuck in some more zzzzzzs myself, morning dreams are usually pretty good.

Ok, the canines decided it was time for breakfast about 9, fed them, had coffee, stumbled around and dropped my phone right into the sink that I was using, which means it had water in it.  Splosh.

I tried using a blow dryer on it, but that got old real quick, my neighbor (thanks, Judy) gave me some rice, we had none in the house.  That didn't work, at least it didn't work as fast as I wanted it to.  I wanted some Magic out of that borrowed rice.  

Headed out of town at like 11 something, Young Son called, a guy we've been needing to see about lawn care was coming over, so

We turned around, came home, Magic Rice still isn't working.  Saw the guy, stopped at a bank, got on the highway, I swear, Sweetheart is a swervy driver!  Oh my gosh.  I actually asked him if he was having troubles driving, trust me this guy is...oh wait, what if we are both the swerviest drivers ever, because I acknowledge mine, but he doesn't.  Not surprising.

Any way, we went to the Tmobile store, and they said, that those with an internal battery, the rice doesn't work.  Luckily(?) we had insurance on mine, so only $175 out of pocket.  Phones are crazy expensive right now, the one I have anyway.

Then, we're hungry so we stopped at Culvers for lunch.  I had a Reuben and Sweetheart had a burger and a chocolate malt.

Then we went to a new sports equipment store.  Sweetheart got some new shoes.  Then Hobby Lobby, got what I needed but am really kicking myself for not getting a couple sheets of felt, since he was paying. I didn't know that until we got to the checkout line.  Sneaky trick/smart move.

Headed back to H'ville, and I can hear my jammie pants calling me.  I'm tired of being swerved all over the road...don't get me wrong, we have a hoot out shopping, he's witty and funny, personable.

Of course no adventure day is complete without a stop at Walmart, right?

Groceries.  Home.  Groceries put away, sweatpants on and this bra is about to GO.  It's that time of day.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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