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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Career Change

The president of the board at the country club I work at wants a face to face meeting with me to discuss some changes they want to make at the golf course.

Last year I would have been dancing at the chance to share my ideas, but now, since my girls are coming home in June, I'm just going to offer them my experience to help them train someone new.

I've been working there for almost 6 years now, I think...the last year has been non-salary commissions only, and I've not made much moola from there at all.  Time to let someone else handle it, I reckon.

I have 3 years to catch up on with my lovies, 3 years in limbo, without my best girls.  No Monday adventures, no snuggling to sleep, I haven't watched Barney since they left.

So, the insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow because Sweetheart let one of the Roofing Vultures in the house.  If it will get our chimney fixed, I'm all for it.  Now, with a vulture sign in the yard, none of the other vultures will cross that line.

We're getting up early to try out the new coffee house in town tomorrow, so I'd better hit the feathers.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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