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Friday, March 24, 2017


I have this smell in my nose and in my mouth.  It's horrible.  It makes my food taste gross, it makes me feel gross.  I can barely stand to have Maria lay with me on the bed, but I can tell she can smell it, too, and she doesn't get up and leave, so I deal with it.

Emotional...I saw a pic of a pit bull looking at a picture of her humans that were gone, and I can't stop crying.

I know in a couple weeks I'll feel better, my wrist will be healed, and my bruises will be healed, but until that happens, I'm just feeling alone and tired and scared.


I slept most of the night, my dreams were weird.  They were like reruns of dreams that I remember having before, but with slightly different endings than before.  So strange and a bit unsettling.

Up at 8 am, my wrist is sore and my artery in my groin is sore.  Sweetheart is going to golf at 10.  Had a shower, my morning pills...

Seems like the smell that was antagonizing me yesterday has gone.  I read yesterday that it was from anesthesia, and it would last as long as it took my liver to do whatever it does to clean those chemicals out of me...which knowing how I've mistreated my liver, I figured it would take a few days.  Maybe my liver wasn't as bad off as I thought.  I do have the Good Lord on my side, though.

The bruises on the south side of my body are turning from a dark/splotchy purple, to having a greenish tinge, taking that as a sign of healing.

So far I'm not as weepy, or forlorn feeling today.  I cleaned my desk yesterday, got all the Critter debris in the sewing room, and organized all the new patterns I had collected.

My energies are centered on my health, not so much creativity right now.  My Etsy shop is still up, I just won't be working on it much for a little bit.

Just relaxing and not worrying today.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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