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Monday, March 27, 2017

Doctor Visits

As I said on my facebook page, today has been a darn good day.

The follow up visit with my new cardiologist went very well, EKG is good and no damage to my heart.  The incision on my wrist should be completely healed in about 8 weeks.  He was all smiling and happy to see me, and I was happy just to get the news!

Sweetheart and I were elated all the way home.  Stopped at Walmart, and I walked instead of rode the cart.  We went slower than normal, ran into 3 friends and actually enjoyed visiting with them.  (Yes, we did stand in the aisle, but out of the way, and the store wasn't all that crowded.)

My second appt. was a follow up with my regular Nurse Practitioner, who was also very encouraging about the progress I have already made.  Changing my thyroid medication, again, still tweaking it to get it just right.

I am released to drive, I can take my pooches for a walk (when it warms up again), and start my Cardio Rehab on Wednesday.

I feel like I've gotten a new beginning.  A happier, healthier new start.

Physically I know I have some catching up to do, mentally I am just overjoyed that I am going to be ok for real, that I can really get back out there and live a good life without a bunch of restrictions.  Watching my sodium and getting up off my butt more...which will be really easy in about 2 months when my girls get home!

There's more to this healing, there's more to my story.  A pretty dark chapter is over, time to live the life I've been blessed with.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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