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Monday, March 20, 2017

It was Just a Little One

Last Tuesday, I had a heart attack.  My phone was broken, so I couldn't call Sweetheart, and by the time I really needed to call him I was laid out on my bed, covered in cold sweats and lots of fear.

He got home, I told him I wasn't feeling well, so off we went to the ER.  It was a very quiet ride.

X-Rays, blood tests and ultra sounds later, I found myself in a helicopter, flying to the best heart hospital (in my opinion) in the KCMO area.

Sweetheart got ahold of Young Son, he was there very quickly.  He called his sister, who had just left for a little family vacay to Poland for the weekend.

A lot of activity when I got there, I was conscious, but felt no pain, which was cool.  2 stents later, one in the wrist and one in the groin, with some kind of balloon thing up in there as well.

The stent from my wrist caused some problems, aneurysm on an artery, which caused more pain than any of the other procedures.  Thursday I had surgery on that, and recovery had begun.  I more night in ICU, then moved to a "regular" room.  Friday night in the reg room.  Released Saturday afternoon.  So glad to be home.

Lots of pain meds, so necessary.  Great nurses in the ICU and the regular room.  Made some new friends, they were so nice to me and Sweetheart...

Speaking of Sweetheart.  I expected nothing less.  He was great. So good to me, the nurses were quite impressed by him, and us as a couple.

Because of the lack of a working phone, I have no pics to share with you.  I would have loved to have taken some selfies with my new Nurse friends.

Anyway, my sister, Kelly, came to visit me Friday night, and stayed for almost 2 hours.  It was a good visit.  My sister, Mary, and her BF, David came up on Tuesday night, they were there for the surgery.  Actually, LifeFlight flew over them on their way to the hospital.

The only night Sweetheart didn't stay was Friday, because of the traffic - KCMO is known for their St. Patrick's Day Celebration.  He left at 4:00 am Friday morning, and came back about 2:00 am on Saturday morning.

Got settled in at home Saturday afternoon/evening.  Mary and David came over with a gift of an AM/PM medicine organizer.

Yesterday we took my new phone to a TMobile store to let them set up my phone.  We stopped at Walmart, and I rode in a cart, one of those with the 2 seats for kids...Sweetheart was the motor.  Good thing, too, because my strength was gone by the time we finished.

The rest of the day I spent lounging in my bed with my pooches.  Beautiful weather, sat outside with them for a bit during the day, too.  

My belly is swollen and covered in little bruises which have joined forces to become one big bruise.  I have so much adhesive residue on my body, that really itches.

I have a 4" incision from my inner wrist towards my elbow on my right arm.  Putting aloe vera (thank you Earlene, for the plant) on it...basically just trying to heal and gain some strength, slowly but surely.

So, that pretty much catches us up.  I won't be doing any stitching or stuffing for a couple of weeks, being that wrist stent is on my right hand.  I'm doing some laps around the dining room now and then.  
To all of those that prayed for me/us, and their friends and friends of friends, I truly appreciate that.  I've had a shower, got some more reside off.  Sweetheart has gone to the golf course, and I'm hoping Dammit Janet can come see me today.  

Play Nice!  xxoo


  1. Good golly, that's a scary week you had! Lots of love to you!!!! Glad you have a strong family around you.

  2. I'm so incredibly thankful that you're OK. I only wish I could have been right there with you.

  3. Holy_crap,_chickie...my_puter_is_moribund_so_I_haven't_been_online_much...will_try_to_hook_up_by_phone_tomorrow...Love_you...glad_you're_on_the_mend