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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Something Different

Took my loving sister, Mary, to the dentist.  She had to have two teeth pulled.  4 shots of that numbing stuff,  her head was "fuzzy" (her word, as she tapped on her forehead), but she made it to her door ok, and waved goodbye.  Her sweetheart will be there soon to take care of her.

Didn't get to go to Hobby Lobby, as Dammit Janet (my groomer friend) was not feeling well enough to stray very far from her home today.

Another crazy Windy Day...the *guessers* say that there is supposed to be a storm a'blowin' in and it is that time of year, being March and March is always windy.

I need a haircut, I hate it when the wind blows my hair.  I'll be going tomorrow to see my lovely stylist/friend.

Leftover meatloaf and potatoes for dinner tonight.  Waiting for them to warm up.

Nom Nom Nom - enough left for a sandwich for me tomorrow!  

Did I change the font back to normal?  Yes indeed, I did.

This incessant wind.  I usually love stormy sounds, but this is become repetitive to me.  I need a break.

Noticed that trees are already greening.  I saw a Weeping Willow with tiny little leaves today.


Saw my stylist, caught up with her, my loving sister is suffering from her dental experience yesterday.  Not sure what the rest of the day will bring...

We had a storm last night, which is why I didn't post this last night,.  Our lights dimmed and flickered, so we shut everything down.  2 tornadoes, not close to us, thank goodness, and I am praying for those families that were involved.  Lost their homes, all their stuff...

Play Nice!  xxoo

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