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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Weekend

Windy windy windy, it was howling last night, the wind blew hard all day today...I was at the Pro Shop for about an hour.  Long enough to straighten the fridge (I like the cans to be in neat lines), clean the Men's room (a little), and wipe off the main table.  By then "our" group stopped after 9 holes, 3 of them making a bee line to the cart sheds, Sweetheart came in and waited while I locked up.  

We somehow lost all thinking sense and reason, as we decided to go to Walmart at 12;47 on a Sunday afternoon.  

Egad.  There were so.many.people.  I still don't get whole families go grocery shopping together? Why do we do this?  Husband and Wife and Kids all clamber into the mini-van and head on up to Walmart?  On a Sunday, when everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  A few of those kids needed naps, too.  Cranky kids crying for chips as if their little lives depended on getting them.  

I've done my share of "group grocery shopping."  We all used to go as a family, but those were simpler times, there was not "Stranger Danger."  We could hang out in the toy section, or the book section, the folks would gather us and off we'd go, through the checkout, then listen to Dad complain about the cost of food (5 bags = $20) and gas (.29/gallon)  

Ok, time to hit the feathers.  Hope y'all sleep/slept well.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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