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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday, Thoughts from Yesterday, and Today

I'm awake at 4:00 this morning because of the pain, shortness or breath, and just plain old frustration.

I took my last prescribed dose of oxycodone 5mg yesterday at 2:30 pm.  Apparently there is no refill for this.  Ever.  My next closest relief is Extra Strength Tylenol, but not with the oxycodone, so I felt there should be an amt. of time between last dose of oxy and tyl.  I waited until this morning about 6:30 am to take the tyl.

I have never been one to abuse prescription drugs, but I could tell an actual change in the physcian's nurse's voice when I asked for a refill.  To my untrained ear, 5mg does not seem like a large dose, capable of helping someone suspected of being an addict reach any kind of "high."  All I knew is that it worked quickly to change my pain levels.  Maybe someone with medical training can enlighten me.
I also don't see how an Over The Counter pain relief pill could possibly treat this type of pain.  This pain is a deep pain, not one associated with arthritis or a headache type pain.  And I completely find being treated as an addict without that being proven or established, an affront to my care.  If this small dosage could lead to an addiction, why is it being prescribed in the first place?

So, here's this nice pain medication that you can be given in the hospital and for a few days after you've gone home, but if you ask for more you will be considered an addict. and you must do without this same level of pain coverage, and yeah, we're sorry that it will lead to a slow down in your healing.  Tough.

This is how I feel, and I totally believe a lack of healing sleep is slowing my healing process;

Started yesterday, I have been feeling short of breath, along with heart poundings.  I am told these are "normal."  Probably won't be going anywhere out of the house today, as much as I would enjoy being "motored" around the grocery store, the cold temps outside and my shortness of breath don't seem to be something that would go hand in hand right now.

Talking to my daughter in Germany this morning, she wanted to get involved with this pain med problem.  In looking at the prescription bottle, it is noted on the label "Fed. Law Prohibits Refill"


Why in the world does Federal Law have the right to have a say in what my doctor thinks would be the best treatment for me?   I know this drug is readily available on the streets.  One phone call to the "right" person could provide me with this pain med that I Need, not that I Want.  Illegally.  But my doctor can't prescribe this pain relief because Federal Law says they can't?

My protests have been heard before, by many voices other than mine, and all voices are silenced because of this Federal Law.  Sad, sad state of our once wonderful country.

They don't think I am an addict.  Their hands are tied for some mind-numbing reason.  They are only reacting this way because they have no power.

Trying to Play Nice.  xxoo

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  1. It's very frustrating. There should be some other pain relief that aren't considered narcotics to help people.