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Monday, April 3, 2017

Good Monday Morning!

Got to chat with my girls first thing this morning.  Both are looking well and tell me they are feeling very well.  Delightful Delilah had been creating a piece of art on the driveway with chalk, while Darling Danielle puttered around the kitchen, smiling and catching me up on their weekend.  Nice way to wake up on a(nother) rainy Monday morning.

We have had rainy weather for a full week now, just small hints of sunshine here and there.  Yesterday was mild, a bit sunny, had the windows open for a while, but we all knew it was temporary.  Today was forecasted to be as it is.

Maria and Mario spent most of the day outside yesterday, but seem to be suffering more from being cooped up this morning, they're romping around my room like it's their personal playground, and I can't let them "take it outside" because it's raining!  I'll have to settle them down before too much longer.

Reluctant Truce.  Successful, though.

Mario also managed to smack Sweetheart in the eye with his paw to wake him up this morning.  Sweetheart is suffering from what I call Popeye Syndrome.  His eye is really watery and sore.  Mario's got me on my cheek before, luckily, his toenails were clipped last week, Janet said they were like talons, his nails were.  I haven't shared that tidbit with Sweetheart yet.  

We just got the call from the roofers.  To rainy (of course) so rescheduled for Thursday.  It was the logical outcome, based on the weather reports.  So far, in this week long wave of moisture, the "guessers" have been spot on.  

Rescheduled the pooches play-date for Thursday.  

I'll be starting on the Boston Terriers today.  

Sweetheart's out running some errands.  

I better get off my "buttarsky" and commence to "jigglin' my jiblets" or I'll find myself setting here all day!

Play Nice!  xxoo

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