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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Procastration! Procrastination!

That is a word that if I run it through my mind too quickly, I will forget how to spell it.

Gotta find a glass of something, tea maybe, no bottled water left in the house.  7-Up will do.

So, I've done nothing but flitter-farted the last couple days away.  Gray days on end tend to do me that way, and I know I'm not alone.  Today, I have actually gotten out the pattern for those Boston's, lighting is right for cutting out on black, so here I go.


Ok, stitching, still not quite sure about finished product...I'll know more when it's more finished.  *gs*

The sun has been peeking in and out this afternoon, another rain shower went through, now I am enjoying a bright sunset over my right shoulder.  Nice to see, makes me happy.

Good Lord, I even "put off" posting this until today.  I'm hopeless right now!

Play Nice!  xxoo

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