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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Roofing Experience

First of all, I want to publicly acknowledge the change in the weather, I woke up to a blue sky, sunny day.

And the sound of many people on my roof, scraping scraping scraping.  Sweetheart got up a few minutes before they showed up, I was awake, but still laying quietly.  Maria and Mario erupted in large barking at the ceiling, whirling around, made their way to the kitchen back to my room, more get the idea, I'm sure.

Had a quick shower and ran them up to Camp Pet Vet, home, now, sipping a 2nd cup of lukewarm coffee, while I hope and pray that they don't fall through the ceiling at any moment.  Trying to remain as calm as possible, but then decided to open my new ear buds.

Of course the pkg was shoplifter proofed, so that took a good 5 minutes, then, of course, they wires are completely I set them down for a moment to work on my breathing.  This is going to be a day to get over, I sure hope they finish it all today.

A little later now.  Sweetheart has escaped to the golf course.  The roofers seem to  have made their way to the opposite end of the house, much better.  I miss my canines, but I am thankful they are not underfoot right now!

I picked them up a little after 6, they were happy to see me, and happy to be home.  They slept like babies all night long, too.  Little furry, worn out from playing, babies.

Friday:  I fully expected them to show up again this morning, but I guess we're only waiting for the "gutter guys."  I did some time on the elliptical, raked some pine cones out from under one of the Blue Spruce trees out back.  They make good fire-starters, once they're dried out.

Sweetheart has been a busy boy since he's been home from the golf course...swept the driveway, mowed the yard, and now he's washing his car.

Finished the first Boston...Second one is ready to stuff.  

Two blue sky days in a row, hoping for #3 tomorrow.  I'll probably head up to the Pro-Shop, after I check out a craft show here in town.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

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