Etsy Mini

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Too Windy

Today I took myself to a craft show here in town.  I saw some neat stuff, got some new Scentsy flavors.

Then I went up to the Pro Shop.  Sold a few 6-packs, tidied up the Men's room a bit.  Sweetheart and his group finished early, but a couple of my favorites were still out there, and I knew they'd be in to have a couple more, so I hung around.  It was worth it.  I've known "Wolfie" for 20 years now, he's the same age my dad would be, he's tall and lanky like my dad, and just a great guy to be with.  The other guy, he's cantankerous with a heart of gold. Most of the boys in our "group" are all good friends, and I'm thankful for all of them.

I have been working on some stretches...after being so inactive, this is what I really need to be doing every day!  My girls will join me, once they get home.

Sweetheart and I got my pills all ready for the coming week...I am on way more prescriptions than I like, working hard to get  healthy enough to not need them at all.

See you tomorrow.  Play Nice!  xxoo