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Monday, May 8, 2017

City Wide Garage Sale Weekend

We have lived in this neighborhood for 14 years, Sweetheart has lived here since the house was built.  The neighborhood is established, big trees, nice homes, for the most part anyway.  City Wide used to be a great big deal in our neighborhood.  Lots of people, lots of cars, a people parade walking around my neighborhood.  I loved it!  If I wasn't having a sale, I'd do the walk-about early, then find some kind of project to work on in the back yard so I can watch the people walk by.

This year, was so "meh" it wasn't even worth getting up early on a weekend.  Seriously.  Next year I will just bag my old clothes up and donate them, not worry about trying to make .50 on a pair of jeans...for real?  What was I thinking?  That's it for me.  I will still stop at them, of course.

Sweetheart and I did clean out the storage room under the garage.  Mucho treasures were found and sold.  A couple of antique clocks, a silver flatwear set, some bone china pieces...

Today I took pics of the cup and saucer sets, and various saucers and cups, etc. that we have left.  I'm going to advertise them on some local groups.  It's so pretty, and retro, and elegant, I hope I can find some good buyers!

Young Son's company came and finished trimming the 2nd Blue Spruce today.  Wow, I am so pleased.  Just a few more things need done before that part of the yard is perfect!

Random thoughts:

I may have officially retired from the golf course.  Young Son came and got my plants from there yesterday.  I have one more planter there...took my personal stuff.  Still gotta go back up there and clean it up real well one more time.  I will miss my boys.  Already do.  And today was our good friend, Frank's, one year anniversary of his passing.  I don't think any of us will ever get over losing him.

Young Son brought a tiny kitten home a couple weeks ago.  I tried all weekend to feed it, it just wouldn't do it.  I took him to the shelter, to see if a mama cat would allow him to nurse.  Nope, but apparently they bottle fed him just fine.  So he's good.  That was a long weekend, though, poor baby kitty missed his family.  Dang coyotes.  Young Son named him Doorknob.  I love that kid.

One month *close enough* until my girls are here!  That is almost too hard for me to fathom at this point.  They have been gone over 3 years!  This is mind boggling!

It is 7:20 pm, the sun is still quite high in the sky.  I have 2 of my windows in my bedroom open, cool breeze blowing in through the one behind me.  Mario is sacked out by the door, in case I try to leave the room without him.  Maria is lounging in her spot under my bed.

Play Nice!  xxoo

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