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Friday, May 19, 2017

Pre-Weekend Update

This has been a pretty cool week, for the most part.  In exactly 20 days my girls will be home from Germany.  That's been first and foremost on my mind.

I received a FitBit for Mother's Day, by request.  Good to know how my ticker is doing these days, and makes me want to be a bit more active.  My shortness of breath has passed, had to be something in the air (chemtrails?) so being more active is much easier now.

The last couple of weeks, I've had no motivation to do really anything.  Maybe it's my body telling me to rest up a bit, but my head is thinking I need to build up some stamina...and I have a feeling my head is right.

There is a storm traveling over us, wow, the thunder and lightning have been breath taking, I mean,  flash and bang right over head.

My allergic reaction to the sun has reared it's ugly head along my forearms this year.  Last year I hardly had a reaction, this year, I'm pretty sensitive.

Every thing around me is jumbled.

Play nice!  xxoo

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  1. I think your shortness of breath leaving has more to do with smoking less!