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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Yes, this will be a post mostly about my girls.  After 3.5 years, yeah, I'm playing that card.  *gs*

Darlin' Danielle, carrying a boy and a girl up in there.  
They are due August/September
We are SO excited!

They're in the process of buying a new home,
one that is only 1 hour away.  

We went to the Library, 
Delightful has her own Library Card!

She climbed into the front seat while 
her mommy was in the store.  

After reading a "Fancy Nancy" book from the Library the night before,
The girls gave each other a "Salon Day."  

She saved the day for our tomato plant.
She found some worm poop on the underside of a leaf.
We found 3 baby horn worms.
We fed them to the birds.

Every other night she sleeps with me.  
Mario is a snuggler.
Maria is a protector.  She lays at the foot of the bed.

Today we had a whole buncha errands to run, all three of us were pooped beyond belief when we got home.  We grew this zucchini, and ate it for lunch, along with some scrambled eggs.  Delicious!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

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  1. It's so good to see that your loves are home! And how exciting for coming twins! And a grandson too! How blessed are you? Trying to get used to all this stuff...and it's hurting my brain! Ha ha! I'm trying to follow you, but they don't make it particularly easy! Think you could help a gal out?