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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Early Morning, Windy Day

Up at 7:30, left the house at 8:30, errand finished by 9:00, Sweetheart made it to the golf course in time.  Phew.  *ha ha ha*

I've gotten a lot done today, but hit a glitch.  Took a bunch of photos of the Mini Critters, and have them downloaded to my computer, but the free, online source I use to edit my photos is undergoing maintenance at this time.  No big deal, I just hand tied a mane and a tail onto a Mini Zebra.   Still have to get pics of that one and the Mini Pink Cheetah Stego'sarus(?).

Fotofuze is back up and running, I hope.

Got all the edited photos uploaded, not sure if I am happy with them, I'll be able to tell better in the morning.

For now, I'll say good night.  Not that I'm going to bed right way but pretty soon, because I really do like the mornings.  I've let my bad habits take that joy away, so I'm going to take it back.

There is so much coming up for me in my future, soon.  I'm gearing up for it.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Warm Day

It was in the 60s, but in February, that's warm.  We got ourselves a new charcoal grill today, put it together (we are the champs at putting things together), and grilled out tonight!  I had the best steak I have had in a while tonight.

Coals are about ready. 
I love the warming rack.

We had a fire in the pit.
It was a little chilly/breezy

My Maria, that's my number one girl canine right there.

Mario the Terrier.   That's my number one boy canine right there.

That Rhino piece of sister and I were going to this place, and Sweetheart said, "Don't get anything that we need a bobcat to lift."

It didn't take a bobcat, but it took backing a mini van into the back yard, and rolling it out on a skateboard.   The only time it has been moved was when Young Son and his friend decided to turn all my statuary around.  Pretty funny prank, and those things are pretty heavy.

So, tomorrow we gotta get up extra early (for me) to run some errands before Sweetheart goes to play golf.  Yeah, I know...

After that I am going to take some pics of the Critters I have already made, get them listed.  gonna be a big day!  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Normal

Every time a family member passes away, there becomes a New Normal.  When Mom passed, there would never be another wake up call on Saturday mornings (even though she knew I hated that).  When Dad passed, we would never hear him answer the phone in a low voice "City Morgue."  Aunt Betty passed, she took over singing "Happy Birthday" to us since Mom had passed. it is time for my sisters and I to carry on the long held traditions of our family.  Singing "Happy Birthday," and wrapping birthday presents in the Sunday comics.

Being there for our children as they raise theirs.  Listening to them as they voice their concerns over lost shoes and loose teeth.  Helping to relieve their anxiety as their newly licensed child is driving alone for the first time.  All the things that come to light while raising their children, while in a different day and age as when we raised ours, the core values are still the same and still have to be reinforced.  Respect & kindness.  I feel those are most important.

I realize, almost forlornly, that I have become an adult.  An older adult.

My sister and stopped in some town in Oklahoma on the way home.  We needed nourishment.  The morning drive had been stressful, the traffic jam for no reason was too much.  We stopped at Braums, got our food, and began to chow down like two hungry old ladies.

The next booth, a kid, probably around 2, was looking at me.  I continued to chew while we looked at each other.  I gave a little smile, which was returned beautifully.  The child asked me my name and I said, "Grandma."  I like that title, a lot lot.

Tomorrow I am going with Sweetheart to have his taxes done.  I'd like to stop at Hobby Lobby to get what I forgot the other day, and we are stopping for groceries before we go home.

I have one thought in my brain/soul/heart that keeps repeating over and over and over and girls will be home in 3 months...3 months.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, February 24, 2017



So glad to be home, to see Sweetheart & Young Son.  Maria and Mario were as glad to see me as I was glad to see them.

For the first time ever bringing a souvenir home to  my sweetheart, he really, really liked what I got him this time.  An ash try from Big Cabin in Oklahoma.

Big Cabin is a huge truck stop when  we get off I44 to 69 highway to go through Oklahoma.  Sweetheart loves this place.  He and his golf buddies would always stop here on their way to Oklahoma for a golf trip.  And they would always eat at Braums.  I brought him a straw from there.

I'm trying to stay up to talk to Darling Danielle.  She'll be getting up in about an hour.  (Didn't get to, busy morning at her house.)

So many things happened on this trip, so many emotions, so many family members...


I allowed my self to sleep in this morning, then ran errands with Sweetheart.  Came home, Mary came over, had a cuppa coffee and visited for a bit.  That was cool.

The weather is bonkers around here...probably around everywhere.  84 degrees in Muskogee yesterday.  Snowing here in H'ville today.

So, I'm stitching and stuffing as I watch reruns of the soap opera, Ryan's Hope.  Love it!

See you tomorrow.  Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Aunt Betty was laid to rest today.  She looked very nice, in her casket, but her spark was gone.  Her soul slipped out of there on the 18th.

What she left behind, I can't even explain adequately, how every person she met , the lives she touched are never the same, and always better for meeting her.

I was so proud today.  Proud to be her niece.  Just proud to be connected to such a wonderful life force.
The trip here was very good.  No problems, until we got to Dallas.  One car wreck in that cluster "You Know What" can ruin the whole run, and this was at 3:00 in the afternoon.  1 hr later we come across a load of aluminum siding over 3 lanes of highway, luckily we swerved right past it and were on our merry way.

We have an alternate route to try tomorrow, to avoid going into the bowels of Dallas.  My cousin shared with me this magical passage, I am anxious to try it out.

Not sure what time we are leaving tomorrow, it will be single digits in the morning, time wise.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, February 20, 2017

Texas Bound

Tomorrow is a travel day, we are leaving at 7:00 am, we have to do some running around town, but hopefully be on the road by 8:00, probably get us there around 3 or 4.

I'll be checking in here and there as we travel.  This is going to be a picture taking event, to be sure.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting Ready

Spent some of the afternoon at the proshop, came home and started some laundry.  Trying to figure out what outfit I own, which isn't many, is suitable for a funeral.

We'll find out tomorrow what the arrangements are.  I am kinda looking forward to the trip, though I wish with all my heart we were going to visit her, not to bury her.

We are going to take the opportunity to get some family pics.  Our cousins from Amarillo will be there, hoping my cousin from Houston will be there, and a cousin that lives in San Antonio will be there.  Honestly, this may be the last chance for a pic opportunity with all of us.  We're all getting older, no way around that!

We had my sister, MB and her BF and her daughter over last night, fired up the grill, had a fire in the fire pit, it was a beautiful day/night, they brought their meat, we got ours, and both of us got  "sides"  I love steaks.   Sweetheart had pork chops.  It was a deluxe meal and a deluxe evening.  The daughter didn't have a very good time because she is 15.  I remember that age, and not very fondly.  Way too much cringe worthy adventures trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to be doing.

Sweetheart just gave me a check to cover our whole trip to Texas and back.  He really is a good man, and I'm lucky to have him.

I'm off to hit my feathers.  I haven't really slept well the last couple of nights.  Seems like I've been hanging in the between sleep and sleep.  I know I'm  not sleeping, but sometimes I do and have dreams, but I know I'm dreaming...

See you all tomorrow.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Another Legend Gone

Our sweet Aunt Betty passed away this morning.  I have been corrected, she was 93.  I can only imagine the reunion in heaven right now.

There are so many stories to tell about her, she was the oldest kid, she and my mom were best friends.  She came to stay with us when my sisters were born, she took care of me when I ran away and ended up in Texas.  I will miss her singing Happy Birthday to me, I will miss her cards and letters, but I'm keeping all the love we shared in my heart.

My middle sister, MB, and I will be making a road trip for the funeral.  We've driven 3 times to see her since 2007, once all our kids were old enough to function without us for a couple days.

The house they lived in for so many years was demolished a few years ago.
Habitat for Humanity built them a new one, and it is so nice!
The one before, was falling down around them.

She'd always decorate her mailbox or porch when we came to visit.
She and Uncle Sidney lived right across from the school.
This was their afternoon activity, to sit out on the porch and wave to the kids.

Gonna miss her.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, February 17, 2017

What a Beautiful Day!

It is 68 degrees here today.  In February.  I was going to take the dogs for a walk after I ran my errands, but The Terrier, Mario, decided that he'd have a go at some of my sewing supplies.  Took me 20 minutes on my hands and knees picking up beads, buttons, and little pompoms.

I guess I only had one errand, to Wally World to restock some supplies for the Pro Shop.  This will be a golf weekend for sure.

Met a very nice old man at the store.  I was picking out candy bars, he was tooling around on one of the store carts, sporting a WWII Veteran hat, but he couldn't reach the Mr. Goodbars.  So, I handed him one.  It was broken, so we switched it, nobody wants a broken candy bar.  He proceeded to tell me that he had broken a hip, but the doctors fixed it instead of giving him a new one.  I shook his hand and thanked him for his service.  He had to shake with his left because his shoulder was stiff.  They were the first American soldiers to land in Germany, and he was in the Battle of the Bulge!  I asked him how old he was, he responded, "I'm 95 years old, I still have my own teeth, and I still drive!"  Sharp guy, it was a pleasant convo.

Got an update on our poor old Aunt in Texas.  She's seen better days, but the family is really rallying around her, staying with her, even overnight.

Just sold another Flying Pig.  Those are a favorite, I have sold a bunch of them, and not all of them pink!

If you decide that you just can't live without a flying pig, 
all you gotta do is clickety click on this LINK.
I love a good custom order!

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Errand Day!

We have been to have the car inspected, stopped by the DMV...which our DMV would make all of you all jealous.  We actually have nice, efficient people working at ours.

Then on to Walmart, for groceries and such, then to pick up my check, my bank, and now we're home by 10:00 am, groceries put away and jammies back on my body.  I don't think I need to get out in the world again today.   I may have been a little snarky this morning, but nothing to take offense at, I kept it way in check, as I do anyway.


Just looked at the clock, it's only 1:30?  Dang, the days are longer when a person gets up early!  Kinda liking this.

Gonna get started on my stitching and stuffing.

Sweetheart tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  For those of you that don't know him, any change in our food repertoire is quire a new experience.  It turned out very good, and we discussed over dinner the things we could add to it, to make it a one dish meal.

I finished stitching my Mini lays in wait of stuffing, like the Zebra I stitched yesterday.  Started a Mini Scrappy Bull Terrier, which is turning out delightful.

Off to bed for me before too long.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

We were at the grocery store yesterday afternoon, just picking up a few things.  In line in front of us was a guy with a Val Card, a bottle of wine, and a potted plant.  I looked at Sweetheart and said, "Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, I didn't get you a card, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."  I got up this morning, he was already gone, but had left me a card.  Gah.  I had last years anniversary card that I didn't give him because he didn't acknowledge the day, I was going to give that to him, but I can't remember where I stashed it.

My style of organizing is not very organized, but I pretty much know where everything is, unless I just find a drawer in the dresser that isn't already stuffed full of stuff, and put stuff there.  I have stacks here and stacks there, Critters all along the top of my desk (roll-top), and on top of my printer.

And now I'm getting hungry, I believe it is time for a Valentine's Day Pot Pie, ha ha ha!

Well, that was tasty.  I think my next Mini Critter will be a horse.  I just shrunk the pattern.  This is one of my favorites!

Later that same day...

Deli sandwiches and curly fries cooked in the air fryer for dinner tonight.  Mini Horse has become a Zebra.  Next Mini Critter is a camouflage Rhino.  I'm transferring the patter pieces to cardboard now.
Sweetheart and I are going to run errands tomorrow, as it's Wednesday, and that is the day we run errands.  Car Inspection and DMV first, which I am sure will be entertaining.  Going to Walmart is an Adventure.  Going to the town 12 miles away on the hiway (70 mph) to shop at Hobby Lobby, that's a road trip.

I'm going get to work on this Rhino.  It's gonna be cool.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Plans

First of all, here are the Mini Critters I have been working on over the weekend...

I am awaiting the arrival of my girlfriend, Dammit Janet, to get here so we can run some errands.  

Hopefully our friend will bring a little Belgian Malinois pup over to visit when we get back.

Later, that same day...

DJ was a little late, but that's kinda normal for her.  We met up with my cyber friend, which was cool.  Met her Boston Terrier, her hairless Guinea Pig, and her adorable Rat.  

We had lunch on the way home, stopped at Wally World, and The Family Center (farm/cowboy store), then  hung out at my place for a bit.  The Belgian Malinois had to postpone, it's ok, things happen.

There was a general meeting at the Golf Course.  I'm pretty happy to be "retiring" when my Germany family get home.  I'm not a member at the country club, I'm just an employee, so I have no say in what goes on there.  Sweetheart is a member, but he's voiced his opinions a few times already to the Pres of the Board.  We have the solution, but "they" don't really want to listen.  Ok...see ya!

So, I'm gonna go figure out which of my Critters I want to shrink next.  Any suggestions are welcomed, so please, feel free.  You should find the link to my Etsy shop and my FB page over there.  
See you tomorrow.  Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Update


Beautiful, beautiful day!  70 + degrees, slight wind...I had a lot of golfers today.

Sweetheart and I were going to go out to dinner, but driving through town, I saw a couple of guys sitting in their driveway grilling...we decided to go to the store for some steaks and chops to grill out instead.  Started a fire in the pit, and had a good time hanging out in the back yard with our pooches.


Not quite as warm today, no one from the golf course has called, so looks like it will be a stay at home day, which I won't mind at all.

I have 1 Mini Critter stitched, ready to stuff, and two more cut out, ready to stitch.  I am really in love with this little Critter

Laundry in the washer, dishwasher going, too.  Gonna get a good start to the week today.

BTW, I'm watching "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

This guard at the top of the castle is my favorite.  

Tomorrow, Dammit Janet and I are getting together.  And I finished all the Mini Critters I had cut out, they are all stitched and stuffed and looking adorable.  Gotta hit the feathers now.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Friday, February 10, 2017

"Blow Your Hat Off" Windy Day

Sweetheart is at the golf course.  I reminded him to wear his stocking cap so he didn't get an ear-ache.  He didn't think his regular cap would stay on his head in this wind.  We  had a laugh over that one.  He's a goof.

I did not finish the Mini Critter last night, the lighting was just too dim for me to go on.  Today though, that Critter is going to be finished!

This wind is blowing so hard, that I can slightly feel it blowing around the old windows in this house.

My lunch today.  

Somewhat anxiously anticipating my new lamp today!  

I'm freaking.  Something happened to my Netflix!  Please please please start!  Phew!  I'm watching "Bones" (again).  I just love that show.  

My Amazon haul for today...already loving the new lite!  

This is the Mini Critter I was talking about.  
I'm in love.  I'm cutting out another one right now.

Tomorrow is going to be an unseasonably warm day for Missouri in February.  I'll be at the Pro Shop.  
Play Nice!  xxoo

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Day

Happily, I have felt very happy today.

I rang my girls in Germany as soon as I woke up, which was 4:00 pm their time, right before Son B got home from work.  They were both in a good mood, and we had a super good conversation.

Spent about 3 hours at the Pro Shop, sold a little food...Sweetheart had brought our air-fryer up so I fixed some tater-tors, the boys really liked them.

I kinda feel like some sort of something has been lifted off me, maybe less pain from my side, maybe having my car back, maybe just getting better sleep...I can't really pinpoint it, but don't really have to.  I have found, as I grow older and wiser, that it's much easier for everyone involved if I can keep my sunny side up.

Very excited about this new Mini Critter that I am working on.  I will finish it tonight. ottlite will be here tomorrow!  Very excited about that, as well.  Plus, a big bottle of Fabric Fusion, so I can try working with the muslin again.

I am diffusing Purification and Lavender at the moment.
You know, I can't remember when I've had such a easy-going frame of mind.  

Had a great chit chat with Young Son, had some convos with Sweetheart.  Now everybody is all where they belong for the evening.  Tomorrow is going to be 50s but windy cold.  Weekend looks like an early weekend in May.  I'll take it, I'll love it, and I'll spend as much time out in it as I can.

I am still stitching on the Mini Critter...may not be exposed tonight.  There is no need to rush myself.  I am the "boss" so I can extend the deadline...that I set. Ha!  I love being my own boss!  

Love my comfy bed, love my comfy sheets...not wild about the new pillowcases.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Big Day

Today, Young Son bought himself a truck.  We helped him a little, but he'll be responsible for the payments and insurance.

The sun didn't set until almost 6:00 this evening.  That is awesome!  I do like seeing the sun staying up later every day.  It energizes me.

We placed an order with this evening.  My new desk lamp (ottlite) should be here by Saturday.  I really miss it.

I'm trying something different tonight, and so far, it's going well.  I've shrunk a pattern, to make a smaller version of one of my Critters.  I'll post a pic when I'm finished with it.  Should be either tonight or tomorrow night...depending.

Gotta do some time at the Pro Shop tomorrow, hoping for a table full of hungry, thirsty card players.

Well, I have stitched as much as I can in this low light, plus it is 10:00 pm, so I am going to call it a night.

I'm diffusing Stress Away and Lavender right now.  A nice relaxing scent to relax into bedtime to.

Play Nice!  xxoo

One of my most favorite moves.

If you haven't seen it, you should.  It's great.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Up this morning at 9:00 am.  That may seem late to some, but as regular readers will know, the last couple of weeks my sleep has been a little "choppy" due to that ding dang pain in my side.  Finally I'm feeling some relief from that.  It's still there, but not as sharp.

I am also breaking a cycle of staying up too late in the evening/early morning and sleeping until noon or so.  That is so not me.  It was a tough cycle to break, but I'm doing it.

With my girls gone for so long, and I'm not blaming them, just trying to explain...I guess I let some depression slip in and get the best of me for a bit.  Knowing when they are coming home kinda flipped a switch in me, and I was able to make the changes in my attitude that were needed.

Sweetheart was outside cleaning out Young Son's car, they are going to see the car salesman tomorrow evening.  I don't want to go, so I probably won't.  I'll leave it to the "men folk" to figure out what to do without my influence.  He's gone to the golf course, and without a car, I'm going to hang here like I do.

I cut out a pattern for a Ferret yesterday, but haven't started it yet.  Still going to give the Critter creations a few days of rest before I tackle that one.  Today I'm going to concentrate on my hand embroidery and breathing.

Video visited with my girls.  They are all still a bit tired from yesterday evening (their evenings are my mornings - they are 7 hrs ahead of us, just so you know), but they're all fine.  I am very proud and thankful for my son-in-law, which I will refer to as Son B from now on in this blog.  He is a part of my family, our family, and we love and respect him for who he has become, a wonderful man, husband, father and provider.

The rest of the day went by without much incident.  I've stayed up later than I planned, so I'll see you tomorrow.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Monday, February 6, 2017

Vehicles and Good News

A few months ago, when Young Son changed jobs, he needed a better vehicle.  Sweetheart got himself a new car, which he loves, and gave Young Son the car he  had been driving.  

Sweetheart and I had the same make and year of cars, but his was in worse shape than mine.  Mine doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it, and it's a 2007.  So now Sweetheart has a very nice car, my car is fine, and Young Son has a "on it's last legs" car.

Young Son is driving about 100 miles per day for his new job.  It didn't take long for the last legs on his car to give out.  

Getting my coffee this morning, I found a note on the kitchen table from Sweetheart.  He's out car shopping.  The question is, is he buying something new for me, or another old beater for Young Son?  
I did make a comment about a week ago, that now that my girls are coming home from Germany soon, I might need a bigger car...I'll just have to wait and see what he has decided.  

Doesn't look like I'm getting a new car.  Sounds like the old car will be getting fixed.  Ah well.

Trying to patiently wait for some news from Germany.  Well, not trying, because I "have" to wait to hear.  

Oh, Thank You, Lord!  It was good news!  *insert ugly, relieved crying face here*  
More good news came today.  Our sweet Aunt is being released from the hospital.  She'll have to have some physical therapy on her right arm, but she is talking and is well enough to go home.  

I believe in prayers.

Started working on some hand embroidery, state flower quilt blocks I got a couple of years ago.  Hopefully my hiatus from making Critters will be a short one, but at least my hands are happy to be doing something in the meantime.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sharing Thoughts Sunday

It makes me sad when I see ads for people wanting to re-home their dog due to moving, downsizing, or not having time for them.  I feel sad for both of them, because they didn't bond with each other, or they'd never be able to give that dog away.  They'd do anything and everything to keep that dog with them.  I hope and pray for that dog to find a new home that will value, appreciate and love what that dog has to offer.

Looks like we are going to have a warming up outside for the next few days.  I'll be glad to be able to open my windows to let some fresh air in, and the stinky air out!  Hopefully my canines will enjoy the days outside, too!

Ok, I've had a shower, and have the day off.  It's warming up, so Sweetheart went to the golf course.  Poochey-Pies are outback in the sunshine.  I have lemon and  peppermint diffusing, have a freshly opened Perrier, cleaned off my desk and have a new drive to be creative!

See you in a bit!  

Nope, nope nope nope.  Everything Critter related is going back to the sewing room for a bit.  I got rid of that pattern, too.  I am just going to wait until I have some inspiration, until then, well, I just don't know.  

Play Nice!  xxoo

This was the first Critter I sold.
I went to the Netherlands.
I told her it was a misfit, as the mane was on wrong.
That made her love it more.  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Creative Block?

I just don't get it.  For the first time in my Critter Career, I'm not having good luck with patterns.

Click to see bigger

I found some "retro" patterns, and thought, "oh, that would be cool to make some for Easter," but to me, I just think it looks creepy.  What do you think?  

Yesterday, feels like a blur...I know I did things...

Maybe I really do need to take a break, do something different with my hands for a little bit.  Maybe some hand embroidery?  I think that's what I'll do.  

Tonight we are going out to dinner with my middle sister and her bf and daughter.  Her birthday was this week. 

A few tense hours have passed.  Our precious, 94 year old aunt in Texas, was having some medical troubles.  First time she had ever been "Life-Flighted."  She seems to be feeling better, after some attention and care.  I hate that she's so far away, but that's how it has always been.

Dinner was good.  Home early and back in my jammies.  Gonna do something, just don't quite know what yet...see you tomorrow.

Play Nice!  xxoo

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Wow, I've been cruising through my external hard drive, you know, where all your really "good" pics are.  Yeah, I even found a "MySpace" file.  Ha ha!  That was so long ago, and had such a short life span, but for awhile it was "the thing."  You remember it, right?  I bet mine is still out there bopping around the interwebs.

These are two of my favorite hand-embroidery projects.  
I have a quilt top I need to finish up and have quilted 
before we both get too old to be of any use!  

I'd really like to have this,
in a frame.  

One of my first Unicorns.  

My mind is still going crazy thinking of all the things I am thinking, new home for the kids, travel time, shopping, spending the days with them...see I can't hardly keep a thought straight!  

I really miss my Ottlite.  I have on in my cart at Amazon, just gotta ask Sweetheart about it.  I know he'll say yes, but it's best to be sure.  My hands are not happy tonight, they have nothing to do.  Too dark.  

See you tomorrow!  Play Nice!  xxoo

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Secret?

Yes, I have another one.  2017 seems to be the year for testing my secret keeping abilities.  So far I've been a success...and as hard as this one is going to be to keep, I'ma gonna do it!

Sweetheart learned a lesson regarding the new air fryer today.  You can't cook hamburgers in it.  Our house was full of smoke, Mario, he got so freaked out he hid under my desk, and still as of this moment he is not letting me out of his sight!

The fried chicken, dipped in egg and panko bread crumbs, was delish!

So many changes, so much to look forward to!  I am so ready!  It almost feels like I've been on pause for a bit, not really totally involved in this life of mine, treading time.  My next chapter is going to be wonderful, we're blessed and we are thankful.  So grateful to realize this chance I am getting is how they will all remember me, who I am now, after I have finished here.

This is going to be the best time of my life!  I'm going to live each day of it.

I've cut out and am stitching up a pink cheetah rat.  New pattern.  Un-stuffed, did not turn out well at all.

Hanging up my sewing kit for a couple days.

Play Nice!  xxoo