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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Doing what you like...

Critter wise, I have been lucky to have a few orders, and discovered a new (to me) marketing trick, working on this has been exciting.

Out of all my patterns, I am enjoying making the new horse.  I haven't sold any of them, yet, but I just ordered some real wool felt to put together a few Magical Rainbow Unicorns in the new pattern.  Because making these horses is what I like to do right now.

Palimino Pal

Little Joe


And now some random thoughts:

So, the "ladies" at the golf course planted some flowers last Spring, the Hibiscus I brought inside after the first frost, and it flourished.  I just put it back outside yesterday.  There is some kind of ferny plant in the same pot, and when I went to pull it out the door a prickle from the ferny plant got me.  Now where it got me is itching, and I remember the last time I got one of those prickles in the palm of my hand, it took forever to heal...and until I figured it out, I thought I was going to get a whole buncha moola coming my way, the way my palm was itching!

Two golfers that I am friends with are "at odds" with each other over a card game.  A .25 cent card game.  This makes me very uncomfortable, but it is not up to me to fix it.  They've been friends for years.  A person would think that two grown men could either talk it out or get over it, or duke it out.  I wish they'd do one of those things, just get back to normal (whatever that is)!

I have a date with my sweetheart tonight.  And a couple more hours here before,  Love my job. Really I do.

Later that same day.  

We (Sweetheart & I) went out to dinner, and our food was tasty.  He's watching some basketball game, I am waiting for a load of laundry to dry...such is the life of the goddess that is me, and I like doing what I do.

Play Nice!

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Normal

My new normal...We have coffee with the girls in the mornings now.  We have dinner with the girls at the end of the day.  And one little girl is becoming very smitten with her Grandpa.

This is Otis, Delilah's Dog 
me (in the sweater), 
and Delightful Delilah (in the giraffe print) 
We've gotten more snow in the last month or so than we have in the last 2 years.  After the drought last year, it's got to be a blessing...and a good soaking rain to wash all this white stuff away would also be a blessing.  (so tired of snow.)  The weather for the rest of this week looks promising.  

I've been stitching and stuffing up a storm the last couple of weeks, finally starting to feel like myself after the February Flu kicked my you know what...and took some pics.

The first 3 were for a custom order, the bottom 2 are available in my shop.

This one is going to a Baby Shower

Easter Sunday afternoon, Delilah and I were peeking out the window, and I was whispering silly things in her ear, like, "I'd like to see a squirrel ride a bike past here," and she would laugh quietly, and sometimes she'd just turn and look at me with such a happy, joyful look, my heart melts.  I am so blessed to have my girls here.

Play Nice!