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Monday, September 3, 2012

Here we go!

New blog, new thoughts & ideas!  I'm happy in my head to be blogging again.

I "grew up" blogging on Xanga, started a blog there in 2004.  Many of my facebook friends are from Xangaville, and some of us still do post there now and then.  I tell you, that was a blast.  There was a core group, which was myself and 2 to 3 other girls (one was always kinda orbiting) and a bunch of others.  We all became such good, close friends, but most of us have never met in person.

My hope is that we can all "circle our wagons" so to speak, all of us in our blogging.  You have friends and You have friends and I have friends that blog.  Great publicity for all of us.

On the other side of the coin, though, there is the bit about us all getting to know each other better.  Update status and comments are cool, but to read something more than a line or two about what's going on or what you've been working on or what you've been thinking, feeling, wondering...that's the real part of it.

I tend to blog like I think, like I talk.  Just wish I had a backspace button for my mouth!

I didn't work on any Critters yet today.  I do need to pack up a couple that are going to new homes in the morning.
Overslept a bit because this is Monday which is supposed to be my day off but because it is a holiday, the Pro-Shop was open, of course.  My alarms are not set for Monday morning, and I didn't even think about it.  I had a threesome scheduled to start at 8:00, so I was very thankful that I hadn't put off going to the store until this morning.   I got there about 7:45, they were there.  We went and got their carts, they were all set up, but when they found that the course was a 9-hole modified, they backed out.  I was very thankful that I didn't allow them to set up a 7:00 tee time.

Also on my agenda this morning was making corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast for a few of the members.  I had never made this dish before, but I nailed it.  :)  With potatoes and onions mixed in, soft fried egg on top, 2 of them had seconds.

That's probably enough for now, I reckon.  Hey, if you see anything that I need/should have on this blog, will you please let me know?  I know some of you have a link to your Etsy and such...will you school a girl?

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  1. Sorry you had to work on Labor Day, but it sounds like everything went great!

  2. Hope you have a great rest of the week too :)

  3. i would blog like i talk too! so fun getting to know you more! BTW...i don't blog! But if I did!!!

  4. Boo for working on Labor Day!
    Love you, Mommy!