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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cyber Friends

I have some pretty good ones.  Some I've had since 2004, from a blog site called Xanga.  Some I've made playing games on FB, or friends of friends that I hit it off with, some are family that I don't see very often...but the group I wanted to tell you about  today is a crafty bunch of ladies (and one man) that belong to a group called Artists Loft.

We really do care for each other, we check on each other, we advise, laugh, cry and celebrate together, all online.  And generous?  One of our girls is pregnant, she's getting gifts from everyone in the group.   There doesn't hardly a day go by that one of us is thanking one of them for something they've received.  We proudly share our latest creations for all to see, and to ooh and awww over.  We promote each other, we encourage each other, we're friends.

I was the lucky recipient of a couple of gifts this week.  Well, one gift was for Delightful Delilah, along with a Steamboat Willie tin for me from my friend, Sophia.
A very soft hat made from Alpaca.
A very cute dragonfly and a couple of flower embellish this thoughtful gift.
Check out Sophia's shop here.

My friend, Pam, gave me the BF discount on this custom scarflet.
Exactly what I wanted, in the colors I wanted, and I love it.
(Seriously cold blooded woman that I am, I'll wear this until May.)
You can take a look at Pam's shop here.

Pam and I have met in person, she actually came to see me at work one day.  It was a little out of her way, but she made the trip and I was very happy that she did.  It's nice having a cyber friend in the same locale, at least to commiserate about the weather with!  One of these days I'll tempt her with a greasy cheese burger, or another Reuben and she'll come out for another visit!  

On the Handmade by Cosmo side, I've been busy fixing up some new patterns.  I'm getting used to a "new normal" now that my girls are here, the weather's been so blizzardy, I've been hanging with them, getting to know my granddaughter, and getting to know my daughter as a mother.  She's a good one, I'm proud of her.   Soon I'll be back to working 6 days a week, and sewing Critters like crazy again.   So ready for Spring!  

Play Nice!


  1. great blog Cindy. We all are very lucky to have had our paths cross.

  2. Awww, thanks for honoring me with this post! So glad we're buddies!

  3. Great post!! I have to say, our little loft is quite the place to be.

  4. I would love to meet you all in person. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  5. That's really awesome! Its great to find good friends :)