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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Doing what you like...

Critter wise, I have been lucky to have a few orders, and discovered a new (to me) marketing trick, working on this has been exciting.

Out of all my patterns, I am enjoying making the new horse.  I haven't sold any of them, yet, but I just ordered some real wool felt to put together a few Magical Rainbow Unicorns in the new pattern.  Because making these horses is what I like to do right now.

Palimino Pal

Little Joe


And now some random thoughts:

So, the "ladies" at the golf course planted some flowers last Spring, the Hibiscus I brought inside after the first frost, and it flourished.  I just put it back outside yesterday.  There is some kind of ferny plant in the same pot, and when I went to pull it out the door a prickle from the ferny plant got me.  Now where it got me is itching, and I remember the last time I got one of those prickles in the palm of my hand, it took forever to heal...and until I figured it out, I thought I was going to get a whole buncha moola coming my way, the way my palm was itching!

Two golfers that I am friends with are "at odds" with each other over a card game.  A .25 cent card game.  This makes me very uncomfortable, but it is not up to me to fix it.  They've been friends for years.  A person would think that two grown men could either talk it out or get over it, or duke it out.  I wish they'd do one of those things, just get back to normal (whatever that is)!

I have a date with my sweetheart tonight.  And a couple more hours here before,  Love my job. Really I do.

Later that same day.  

We (Sweetheart & I) went out to dinner, and our food was tasty.  He's watching some basketball game, I am waiting for a load of laundry to dry...such is the life of the goddess that is me, and I like doing what I do.

Play Nice!

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  1. Liking what you do makes for a happy life!