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Monday, October 1, 2012

One bazillion tries later...

Yay!  Oh, my computer is going through some issues.  My sweetheart purchased for me a new tower as my Christmas present this year.  My computer is as important to me as his golf clubs are to him...if his golf clubs were broken, he'd get new ones.  No need for my "golf clubs" to be broken.

Anyway...I wanted to tell you about what happened at the tournament on Sunday.  54 golfers.  We usually set up 3 tables with about 30 folding chairs outside on the patio.  We set up the tables, only to find that all the folding chairs were gone!

Now here's a brief back story to catch you up.  Last summer I worked for a girl, I'll call her PW.  PW ran the pro-shop, but I worked it.  In November she decided she didn't want to run it anymore, that she was going to shut it down.  My sweetheart and I took over, which apparently pissed her off, she locked up all my goods and made us wait 2 hours before she unlocked it.  She has not spoken directly to me since.

Now, she is in charge of private parties in the upstairs dining room.  It has a full bar, a kitchen, and a dance floor.  Over the summer she has booked, being generous, 4 parties.  I stay downstairs, she is supposed to stay upstairs.  That's the agreement.

Back to the chairs...they're gone.  Only members and employees know the codes to get in the doors, and only employees have keys.  Either a member or an employee had to be responsible.  Honestly, her name never entered my mind, that all happened so long ago, and I'm doing so well, I don't give her a second thought anymore...but I called the greens keeper and asked him, he immediately named her...when the pres came back from getting folding chairs from his house (30 mins both ways, plus loading), he called PW and turns out she had rented them out, claiming that she didn't know anything about the tournaments.  There are and have been posters on the door, on all the bulletin boards, as well as a calendar on the bulletin board with the tournaments clearly marked.  Or maybe make a phone call to see if it's ok, or has that sort of thing happened before?  Could she be that devious?  My guess is yes.

Last week she left a bunch of 12 packs of Sierra Mist and Pepsi Max that were a year expired with a sign on them saying "Free."  I opened each and every one of them, each and every one of them spewed with a force and smelled like rotten eggs.

Another tournament today, 34 golfers, our folding chairs have not been returned, and her husband had the gall to come to the golf course today during the tournament, and to complain loudly about how long they were taking to finish the tournament.  He could be trying to cover, he could be oblivious.  My guess is oblivious.

I don't know what's going to happen, I have no control over that, but I hope I will be delighted at the outcome.

I haven't stitched a stitch in two days, but I've made a couple of awesome new critters last week...I'll post some pics when I have more time.

Play Nice!  xxoo


  1. Is PW 12 years old? Glad things went well for you and both tournaments.

  2. Jeeze people can be so childish! I'm glad that you're having fun and success, obviously she's jealous of both of those things! Karma is a real stinker when you're on the wrong side of it, so no worries - just continue being you and doing great and great things will come to you. I'm glad you're not letting it take the wind out of your sails!