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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life has been a roller~coaster!

Yeah, yeah, I know, every one's life is, right?  The thing is, my simple little life didn't use to have big important problems like it does right now.  While there are some inconvenient things that have to be done right now, I know that in the long run everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to.  I try not to worry, and when I do, I turn it into a prayer, most usually ending with, "Thy will be done, Amen."

So, business is good at the Pro-Shop, when a person takes into account that the weather is changing and we're having some pretty fine fall weather, which in Missouri means we can have a sunny, mild day, and the next be windy, cold, and miserable.  I'm behind in my paperwork, but I will catch up tomorrow (day off, day off, day off) and all will be well.

And....I've been stitching and stuffing like a maniac, which I love.  One lady purchased 3 of my flying pigs to make a mobile (cool idea).  One lady bought three of the 4 Halloween Critters I had made.  Seriously, any sale is cool.  I love it when family and friends purchase from me, but there's a completely different thrill when someone out there that I don't know purchases something I've made with my hands.  They've found my shop on Etsy, they've liked my Critters enough to buy one or two, for me it's a very thankful experience.  And I won't lie, it makes me proud of myself, and that is a wonderful feeling.

I've been working on my "Winter Line" of Critters.  I'll give y'all a sneak peek, I haven't listed them yet.

White Elephant

Y'all know what a White Elephant party is, right?  What better gift to take to a White Elephant party than a White Elephant?  I thought it was a pretty cool idea, but when I tried to tell my girlfriend, Dammit Janet, about it, she'd never heard of a party like, tell me, do you?  

White Giraffe

Flying Winter Pig

I did some decorative stitching on this Critter with my sewing machine, I really like it.  Any thoughts? 

Started a couple of Christmas Critters today.  Way too early to post anything like that.  I'm old school like that, I do not like to crowd the Holidays, they come fast enough as it is.  

No blog of mine (after such an absence) would be complete without a pic of my two favorite girls.  

Darlin' Danielle and Delightful Delilah (10 months)

Y'all, Play Nice!  xxoo


  1. I think your White Elephant idea is genius! And, yes, my office usually has one of those every year. And a couple of years ago, I got a little carved quartz White Elephant - with one leg broken off... I love that decorative stitching on the Flying Pig, too. Looks like stars. Love reading your Blog posts - they always lift me up!

  2. Love the white elephant! And the stitching on that pig gives it an extra touch. Great ideas, keep 'em comin'!

  3. The winter animals are AMAZING. I love the stitching on them! Gorgeous!

    Thy will be done.