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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome Fall

For the record, I adore Fall, but it makes me feel so trepadacious because of what comes next.  I do not like Winter.  It is too cold, the cold makes me hurt.  I appreciate having a garage, but do not enjoy the 50 yd. walk from my car to the Pro Shop.  And...there are no vents in the Ladies Room, so that room is always butt chilling in the cold months!

These are the views I am so happy to watch change day by day this time of year.  (Last year those two lakes were so empty, due to the's a blessing for them to be this full now.)

My SIL, Ben, has been here for the month of October.  At the moment they are in Mass., visiting family.  Of course, Baby D took right up where she left off with her daddy.

That is my little dog, Karma, on his lap. 

Critter wise, I have been working every day.  Well, I didn't on Friday.  *gs*  Handmade by Cosmo is where you can go see my latest.  I'm working on a custom order...see if I can give you a peek...  

This is a WIP...the mane is much fuller now, only just a little more to go.  

Every day I hear the news, and every day I feel so weary of it all...then I remember that I don't have to worry, that all I have to do is be the best person I can be every day, all day.  I will defend myself and mine, if if and when it comes to that, but until then, I'm going to remain peaceful, and calm in my heart and soul.  

That is why I love my "job."  I love the place, it feels like home.  I can work on my art, I get to cook for my friends, my sweetheart is there most of the time, we chit and chat and laugh, and for me it's a wonderful place to be.  

Today I am thankful for my heating pad, and for having a comfy bed, with comfy sheets.

Play Nice!  xxoo


  1. Fall is my favorite season but I too hate the cold winter that follows. Thankfully I live in the South!

  2. I agree and understand about fall/winter! I too hate cold! You have a wonderful out look on are peaceful. Hugs!

  3. Each season has it's share of beauty here in MD. The fall is so full of gorgeous color, as I see it is where you live. But I too shudder at the reminders of the cold to come. I try to keep my mind on the beauty that comes with it most of the time,, the white cover hills and Ice covered branches on occasion. I love your critters and your constant positive outlook always warms my heart.