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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A planned day vs. reality. Reality won.

I am happy to have a day off, slept in a little bit, had a shower and put on clean jammies.  I was already thinking what I was going to make today, but I wanted to try out my new photo box that DD got me for my that set up, battery dead in the camera.

Alright, I am not at work, it is a beautiful day here.  We had a storm this morning that was nice to listen to.  My battery will be charged in a minute, I'll just go cut out a pig or something.  Went into my sewing room to do just that, but I had gotten a couple of props out for the photo shoot...I've been thinking about putting a little something with my Critters, but wasn't finding what I was looking for.  The thought popped in my head that I, myself, do actually own a good amount of what we call "Little Guys"  Like for example, a little hand carved Giraffe...anyway, these are stored away in a dresser, different drawers, There area absolutely no clothes in that dresser, it is full of a bunch of stuff I've gathered over the years.

An hour later, I have a basket of Little Guys, but no felt has been cut as of yet.

I'll go try now.  Wish me luck!

3:12, back from the grocery store.  Better to go get the supplies for the Pro Shop today instead of in the morning.  Had to change into real clothes, put on a bra...but I made it.  Got my jammies back on, having a cold beverage...gotta check and make sure I haven't missed anything on facebook, right?

I re-listed a bunch of Critters yesterday, Getting ready to do some more, battery is charged, but my get up and get at it is a little in need of a rest for a few.

A thought entered my head, re which Critter to make.  I have the felt in front of me, and the pattern.  All I needs is a little Netflix in the background.

Show you what I came up with next time, until then, go take a look at the other Critters, yeah?

Play Nice!  xxoo

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have a LOT of days where reality wins. Now quite as many since i haven't been in the studio, because there is not as much that i CAN do. But i still happens. LOL!