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Friday, November 2, 2012

Artists Loft Promotion - Day One

I belong to a group on Facebook, called Artists Loft.  There are about 40 members of this group.  We are supportive, enthusiastic, and dedicated in making our Etsy shops a success.  Everyone in the group is caring and helpful to each other, there is no drama in this group, we are all friends.

With Christmas coming, we've decided for each of us to promote one member of our group each week.  This is not a requirement, this is just something cool that some of us have decided to do.

The shop I am going to share with you this week is called Twiggy and Opal.  The owner, Jayne, is a pretty neat chicklet. She's crazy detailed with her one of a kind quilts, this one is my new favorites in her shop.

You gotta click on it to see it for real, and to see the back of it, too.  Jayne has quite a flair when it comes to making art with fabric.  Her quilts are beautiful, and really out of the "norm." Jayne's signature style shows through every piece of work she does.  If you were to order something from her, there wouldn't be a thread out of place, her seams are straight and true.  

I've asked Jayne a question for today.  I asked her what started her in the crafty business?  

Her answer:  Two words.  My daughter!  I have been mesmerized, inspired and proud of her from the day Britt was born!  She became a quilter many years ago and like a pit bull, she is sometimes very stubborn.  After months and months of wanting me to try quilting I gave in (you would too!), mostly to get her to stop!  It quickly became my passion, my creative outlet, my piece of sanity!  

After a few years of making quilts for family and friends, my little bundle of 'pit bull' joy suggested taking another journey...Etsy.  Eventually I decided I had nothing to lose!  Maybe I could make a go of it, has been just over a year since I uploaded that first Etsy item!  I has been a lot of hard work but so very worth it!  
My lovely daughter still inspires and amazes me.  The great thing that happened through this journey...I now inspire her!   

So, go ahead, clickety on over to Jayne's Etsy shop, you will be glad you did.  

Play Nice!  

P.S.  Think Handmade for Christmas this year!  


  1. What a wonderful post Cindy! I am so really! Thank you so much!

  2. Great post Cindy....T&O is one of my fave Etsy shops!