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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

This morning my first alarm went off at 7:00.  It was raining outside so that gave me a chance to sleep another hour.  I can usually get some pretty good sleep at that time.  It feels like I am semi-awake all night in my dreams, so I rarely feel like I get a full night's sleep.  That one hour is important.

Sweetheart usually wakes up a little before 7....I hear him up and moving around.  That wakes up the Chihuahua, who gets put on the floor to go do her duty outside.  I'm still snuggling in waiting for the dozies to catch up to me...

Today, it was time to get Young Son's newly purchased used vehicle to the mechanic shop to see what needed to be done to pass inspection.  This included charging the battery of his vehicle to be able to drive it to the shop.  Which took precisely 7 door slams from 7 to 7:45, when I realized the dozies were gone for this day.

7 door slams.  After I made a somewhat dramatic effort to explain to him last Sunday morning how to close a door rather than slamming it.

I stitched the Dragon for my friend today, got caught up in a bunch of real life stuff tonight, not stuffed yet.

Probably going to bed pretty soon.

My hands look so old.

I miss my girls so much.

My mom and dad worked in this building.  
I love it, one of my favorites downtown.

Play Nice!  xxoo

This is me with long hair.
I made that jacket, it had racing pigs on it.  


  1. Look at you! It isn't often we get an extra hour of sleep...but it's all too often when we think we can it gets interrupted !

  2. I love seeing pics of the 'younger us' :)

  3. I love seeing pics of the 'younger us' :)

  4. Cute post! I had to laugh at the door slamming. My hubby does the same thing & it drives me nuts. So, when he's in bed, i started doing the same thing & it didn't even phase him. lol. I hear it more now, since i'm sleeping in the recliner because of my arthritis. Oh more thing to try & get "used to". LOL