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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Artists Loft Team Promotion - Day 3

As the title says, this is Day 3 of my promoting Jayne of Twiggy and Opal.  And as promised, I will be featuring my favorites of her kitchen towels, table, runners, and hot pads.

For her Kitchen Towels, I love this set.  Let me bring to your attention the points on the "bunting, look how straight and true her seams are.

Then I went over to her Modern Pot Holders section, and found this...

Why not cap it off with this nifty, smart and oh so stylish table runner?  

In my opinion, this set would be a perfectly whimsical yet practical gift.  Don't know exactly what to get Aunt Doris, Grandma Gert or that quirky Uncle Teddy that you only see once a year?  Give them something that they will remember!  Give them something that's been handmade with love.  

The kitchen is the heart of the home...put some home made handmade goodness in there!  Honestly, this whole set or any of these pieces would make a fabulous gift for anyone!  Speaking for myself, if I were to receive something like this as a gift, I'd be thrilled!  

My question for Jayne for Day 3 was this:  What is the hardest thing about your craft?

I think the hardest thing is getting what I see in my mind to translate in a design. I have a million ideas swimming in my head! Sometimes it takes a while for it to come together and become reality! Even then, it doesn't always work! 

I also don't have enough time to devote to my sewing. With a full time job and every day life there aren't enough hours in the day! There are countless hours that go into quilting. I've had and have countless projects sitting for weeks and months before I can get to them!   

She says this, but I've known her to knock out some projects over a weekend, too.  

Tune in tomorrow, same craft time, same craft channel.  I'll be showing you some quilts, and some pretty cute accessories this artist has produced.  

Play Nice!  

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  1. yes, Aunt Doris would love this! Love this rock Cindy!