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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Night hangin' at home.

I've been chatting with my friend, Red Weaver, a thought popped up about my mom I hadn't shared with anyone I don't think, thought now would be a good time.

This is way back in '89 or '90...I was making clothing out of what I called feed sacks.  I had quite an assortment, made jumpers, jackets, vests, simple lined bags...I though they were the most unique things I had ever created, I still think they are way cool.

Somehow, I don't remember the details, in October I got involved at a craft show with a girl that was about 15 I think...secretly pregnant...and all she did all day was sit in a chair and tap her feet.  Tap tap left, tap tap tap right...all day.

No sales, tap tap tap, lots of people, tap tap tap...and then my mom came in.  We chatted for a bit, tap tap tap, then she went to browse around.

Mom loved garage sales, drag racing, thrift stores, material shopping, and craft shows, among many other things.  A talented woman, where I get my craftiness.

Anyway...all of a sudden a lady comes straight over to our booth, and bought a jacket.  It cost $30.00, and I was pretty tickled.

After both of my parents were gone, I was going through their old cancelled checks, it was just a comfort to see their handwriting.  I found a check made out to some lady, dated in October, and in the memo it said C-Jacket.

I know that I knew then that Mom had arranged that sale.  She probably let the lady keep the jacket.  I knew because I saw her over on the other side of the room acting like she wasn't watching.  I bet that made her really happy to see me be so happy to finally make a sale.

I hope that all of you that still have your mom's appreciate that.  And for those of you that don't, I'd hope and pray that you have some wonderful memories, too.

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