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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time is FLYING!

Thanksgiving found me emotional and blue.  We'd both had a cold, it was just the two of us for the first time, ever, and I couldn't eat.  I was missing people that used to be in my life, those that have passed, and those that have surprisingly moved on (nothing lasts forever, right?)...blech.  I really dislike feeling like that.

Today finds me feeling a bit better, a bit lighter, and every day that passes brings the day that my little New Mexico Family will be here to celebrate Delightful Delilah's first birthday!

She made her first visit to Santa over the weekend.  Suffice to say she is not a fan.

What's with the green gloves?  

Work at the Pro Shop has been pretty busy...we've had a couple of pretty chilly days, but usually have at least 4 - 7 card players on those days.  

Gotta tell you about my experiment, "Operation Bacon Balls."  One of my Artists Loft friends has a shop called A Moment in Paradise  (Coupon Code THANKU for 30% off until Midnight tonight).  She makes these aromatherapy balls in so many fragrances...anyway, she told me that she had a Bacon fragrance.  "Hmmmm," I thought.  "I wonder, if I put a bag of bacon balls somewhere near the card players, would it stimulate their hunger?"  Seriously, just talking about it makes me hungry.  The first day, I had it hanging near the cash register, no response...the next time I set it on the counter, and put a little fan behind it to "waft the flavor waves" in their general response.  

Now, if it makes me hungry, why isn't it make them hungry?  They are older men, maybe their noses don't work as well as they used I hung the bag of bacon balls under the table they sit to play cards at.  Still, no more food orders than normal.  Gotta be something else.  

So I ordered some candle tarts, bacon scented of course.  The first day I melted one (they are big) I only had a couple of guys come in all day.  The second day...with the bag of bacon balls hanging under the table and a bacon candle tart warming...I sold 5 double cheeseburgers.  SUCCESS!  

On the Handmade by Cosmo front, I've been busy, busy!  I've had quite a few custom orders, have a few to fill yet.  Here are some of my newest Critters.

Hounstooth Hound
Little Puppy Pal
Lazy Horsey
(Ride the painted pony let the spinnin' wheel spin...)
Christmas Scotty
Also available in Itsy size

Custom Pink Unicorn

Come see my shop, Handmade by Cosmo.  From now until Midnight on Cyber Monday, you can use the coupon code COSMO for 10% off your entire purchase.  

Play Nice!  


  1. I understand the first part, Mom. It's surprising when people are like that. I love you, and I can't wait to get back and spend time with you!

  2. Holidays can be the loneliest time of the year, can't they? I love it that you told about "Operation Bacon Balls" here, too! Still makes me crack up! P.S. I have several of Shannon's scents - both the candle melts and the sachet bags - and I LOVE them!!


    You won't believe the variety she offers!!

  3. Wonderful post, Cindy...Can relate to holidays being "lonely" for so many reasons.

  4. Haha love the bacon balls experiment. I miss the large gatherings too, family and people move away, family members dwindle, etc. But that's when you can reach out to others and make your own party! Can't wait to get the house finished to do this!

  5. I love the Custom Pink Unicorn. When you have time visit my blog: and say something about my art.