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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cyber Friends

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting face to face with Pam, the owner of the Etsy shop Gypsy That I Was.

Pam is a very active participant in the group that we belong to on facebook, Artists Loft, we've chatted for a few months.  She had some business on my side of the state we share, I invited her to come have a Reuben at my work place.  Seriously, who can resist a Reuben?

So here's the deal...she never actually "said" that she would stop by, like she was going to surprise me...but I work at a place where it's mostly men that walk in the door, so I knew it was her as soon as she walked in.  (I knew she was coming, too, btw)

Just so you know, she is as cool in person as she is in the group.  She brought me a Weird Beard of my very own, and since I am not a fan of the cold, I'm sure it will get a lot of use this Winter.

Me and Pam

I thought I share some of my favorites from her shop (see above link)...

This is something I would use, I do not like this part of me getting cold.  
(I don't like any part of me getting cold.)

Check this freestyle hat, ear flaps, lotsa yarn keeping that body heat from escaping from your head
This is an important addition to any Winter activity.  

For the most ultimate warmth in the cold weather, wear the hat above with this Weird Beard.  
(I'm pretty sure she'd make one for you in your color choice)

You know y'all need to get started shopping for Christmas Presents, so why don't you shop some sweet little handmade shops on Etsy?  You can find a whole lotta unique gifts, most can be custom made, and you'll be helping us little ol' shop owners at the same time, instead of helping some retail giant get richer.  

That's all for me tonight.
Play Nice!


  1. Wow, what a fantastic feeling to wake up on a Monday morning, the sun is out, and I am featured in Cindy's Blog! Many thanks for the promotion, my cyber and flesh-and0blood friend. I love the items you chose to picture, too. I appreciate you!

  2. I want a picture of you in the Weird Beard!!!