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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foggy Day

If only I could feel free enough to just let my thoughts and fingers fly.  I had a chance tonight, but I held back.  Probably for the best, actually.

I stitched and stuffed a Valentine Hamster today, it is waiting for eyes, ears, nose and tag.  I started stitching a pig, and started stuffing a hound dog.  I have too much unfinished business.  I did finish the Ritzy Valentine Dog last night, and worked on the Hairy Dog.

As always, there is so much swirling around life in general...I'm thankful for the hard parts, I realize they have to be gone through.  A new adventure every day, right?

This may very well be the most boring blog I have ever written, in my humble opinion, anyway.

Oh wait, dinner tonight was Jimmy Johns.  I had a tuna, with onions.  It was delish.

Play Nice!


  1. Boring or not, I love the way you write out your thoughts.

  2. Me, too! Your honesty is refreshing!

  3. Not boring at all, very honest...just the way I like my blogs!

  4. I didn't think it was boring. It is nice to see someone who seems so comfortable just to write about every day thoughts.