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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snowy Sunday!

I woke up nervous yesterday.  Made a stop at a grocery store before I went to work, started a new pot of beans, and waited.  One boy showed up a bit later, then another, then a couple more...enough for a couple games of Pitch, they had lunch, then they all headed I was leaving, around 3:00, it had just started 5 o'clock we had 2 inches of fluffy snow all over everything.

I finished a whole buncha my unfinished Critters last night, and have many photos to take and descriptions to write, so here's what I'm gonna do today.  I got up at my regular time, had a shower, but I'm staying here unless I get a phone call (begging for me to come in to feed them) because....there is snow on the ground, and because I went in last Sunday and spent the whole day there while they played cards and drank free coffee, not one single one of them spent a nickle.  I like all those guys, don't get me wrong, but I'd much rather be home on a cold, snowy Sunday.

A little later...I've given Sweetheart a haircut, got some laundry going, and some photos taken...finishing touches on the Valentine Critters, and I'll be posting!

Later:  Not one single phone call from any of the guys today.  You know, there is football on all day, there is snow on the ground, I believe I made a good call by staying home today, and they did, too.  I did call one boy to tell him I thought we'd all stay home today, he lives the farthest away...

Later:  Ok, my pics are foto-fuzed and ready to be posted...*squeal*

Later:  Just posted a few new Critters, you should go see.  Even though I put them on my FB page and tweeted, just in case you missed all that, clickety here.

Gosh it has been nice to be home today...especially since it wasn't planned.  I've been listening to some "Fibber McGee and Molly" on my old radio show podcast, but now I think I'll kick back and do a little stitching.

Later:  Just had a big bowl of soup for dinner.  Sat at the table with my sweetheart, and talked to him the entire time.  He was nice to look away from the football game now and then, and to grunt in my general direction.  Ha!

I guess watching the Oscars is a big deal tonight...not for me.  The last movie I went to see was in 2011, something about the Muppets, with Darling Danielle and Ben while I was in Clovis as we waited for Delilah, and I really don't keep up with celebrities so much, so I think I'll find something on Netflix or YouTube to occupy my ears this evening.

Thanks for coming by, just another day in the life of me, y'know...from my point of view, it has been peaceful, easy going, and productive.  Everyone here seems happy and content, for the most part.  

Don't forget to say your prayers.

Play Nice!


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  1. Love your post - and you DON'T have to worry about showing up or being there for the Oscars -tonight is the Golden Globes - I only know that cuz of family who keeps track of that sort of nonsense. Actually, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting tonight. For the Oscars is Seth MacFarland - he isn't NEARLY as funny. So you should watch tonight.