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Friday, January 11, 2013

Not the "F" word!

Honestly, my last two titles had the word "fog" in them?  Shoot, you'd think it was January in Missouri or something.

I made a big pot of ham and beans for the Pro-Shop today.  One boy just got seconds...and that makes me very happy.  Sweetheart doesn't like to eat much of anything I cook, so it tickles me that the guys here realize what a good cook I am!  My sweetheart, I do love him, but he's so "rigid" about what foods he will or will not eat, and he covers everything in pepper anyway.

 Speaking of my sweetheart, he has gotten in the extremely annoying habit of bringing Karma to the Pro-Shop with him, which is fine, but he allows her to bark at people when they come in and while they are eating.  And...he's also started bringing in stuff he wants me to cook for him...that way, he doesn't have to pay for it!  Like tonight...before we go home I am going to cook him eggs and bacon and toast for dinner.  See, that way there is no clean up at home.  I probably wouldn't mind so much if he'd put a dollar or two in my tip jar now and then!

Now that everyone here has been fed, for now, I should do up my dishes and commence to stitching.  Oh wait...

I had to go put the dog in the crate, which pissed me off.  I asked him twice to do it, then he jumped up as he saw me coming to do it.  Stupid dummy head.  Just do it when I ask you, or don't bring her.  Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful dog and I love her to death, but to be honest she's bossy and demanding, and vocal.  He's spoiled her.

I've made a couple of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, a hot dog with sauerkraut, and served 2 more bowls of ham and beans.  I think I might be finished cooking for the day...dishes are done, until I get to cook dinner later, pffft, so it's time to do some stitchin'.

Play Nice!


  1. men!!!
    hot dog with kraut....mmmmm. Sounds so good. no one in my house will eat it, so I rarely make it.

  2. Men can be such Doody Heads!! I'd love to try your cooking, and with seconds.... sounds numm!! Have an awesome day, and do take out tonight ~ Wink!! :)

  3. Sounds about what you get from a man. Glad to hear that somebody is showing you some appreciation, anyway.

  4. You can come and cook for us anytime!

  5. In my world, Sweetheart would "pay" for those meals I prepared at the Pro-Shop, one way or another. Perhaps the less than direct manner of payment is a wee bit more fun ... for me!

    Your work schedule makes me tired, hon. What a shame that you must now go home and cook another meal. I vote for your sweetheart to do the cooking at home - if you will eat his food. ;)